How do I deal with constant jumpers while knocked down?


Hey guys, i would really like some help. I’m not very good at this game and the main reason I lose most of my matches is because of jumpers and cross ups. I’m wondering if I could have some help on how to deal with them? Here are the various situations I find myself in while playing (lets assume ive been knocked down by a hard knockdown move):

(Btw, main characters are Juri, Sakura, Vega and maybe Yang, but i’d like a general solution if possible. I don’t expect to win against these outcomes every time).

  1. I’m on the ground, the character is about a dash back away, I don’t wake up attack. As i’m getting up, he jumps and comes in with a or something similar. If I don’t block, he hits me. If I block, it becomes a mixup/throw game.
  2. Same situation as above, only when i’m on the ground, opponent starts jumping over me constantly. As i’m getting up, he attacks with or similar for a crossup. I’m unsure which way to block because of the constant crossover attempts, I get hit. If I successfully block, mixup game starts as above.
  3. I’m knocked down in the corner, opponent standing right next to me. He jumps straight up and either:
    a): Comes down with an attack to leave me in blockstun to start a pressure game
    b): Empty jumps so he can start a mixup game.
    If I jump when I get up, he’s still in the jumping animation and I usually get hit first when I try to attack which just leaves me on the ground again.
  4. Out of any of those situations, if I wakeup attack and it’s blocked (Vegas best wakeup reversal is still pretty unsafe, Juri has EX Pinwheel which again is unsafe and Sakura has DP which moves me forward and generally under the opponent). I figured, if I just sit here blocking he has the advantage.

On a side note, what is the best way about getting away from block strings? It seems that whenever someone comes in with a blockstring, by the time they have finished they’ve been pushed too far away for me to do any jab or short to start a combo and even my mid attacks don’t reach (especially against Seth). By the time my sweep comes out they are already out of their animations and can block it freely. I’m assuming FADC combos would be the same thing (say Ryus xx Hadouken FADC xx Hadouken FADC xx Hadouken or something).

I posted this in SF4 because it’s the only game I have trouble with it in. If it’s in the wrong place I apologize. I know I sound like a total noob (which I am) so i’m sorry also if i’ve wrote something incorrect.

Thank you to whoever helps.


You block. Then you block and tech. Or you backdash. Or you focus backdash. Or against some derp player who doesn’t know how to OS/buffer, you choose akuma and always wakeup teleport :]


:rofl: You need to learn to block and tech obviously. You said that you aren’t very good at the game, so why are you expecting wins? Also mashing hard attacks (like sweep) during blockstrings is going to get you beaten very quickly against the characters that want to be in your face. Stop doing it and learn when to expect throws.





You will lose a lot, at the beginning. But when you start playing more, you can sorta get the “feel” whether a jump will crossup or not from the moment they leave the floor.
Also…if you don’t know what to do in a situation, then don’t put yourself in that situation to begin with. For example, I still have a hard time blocking c.viper mixups, so the strategy is to not let her do her mixups, and don’t get knocked down.


OPTION SELECT throw? It sounds like you are getting beat by the standard net scrub tacs…

If someone makes you block a jump in attack online unless they are one of the 10% of people you meet (the ones actually trying to play street fighter) they will either mash throw… mash reversal… or tick and then throw. It’s b/c they don’t even know what an option select is… and they can’t do any link combos.

All you have to do is block that jump in and do and you will auto tech if he throws… poke him back with a if he pokes or wtver (so he can’t tik you into throws)… the only other option that this loses to is reversal. That’s just fine if you think about it… b/c if he guesses right and his reversal hits… you will take a smallish amount of dmg… if you guess he will reversal you can punish with full combos for lots of life. Risk reward all in your favor.

Of course once you start doing that option select (which is called crouch teching if ya dunno) you will level up past half the people online pretty quick. Then the prob is all the people who know how to blow you up for crouch teching everything :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate. I suppose I have to block better and learn to tech better.

It’s not really the blocking I have trouble with though, it’s more what comes after that. Most people I fight online are pretty good at being pressure machines and when they finish the pressure they get pushed far away, which means they can just jump at me again. I can anti-air fine (sometimes I mistime it because again i’m pretty noob). I just never know what to do in a situation where the enemy keeps jumping, pressure and jump again. I don’t really get the opportunity to do anything except sit there and block while the opponent keeps crossing over and pressuring.

Obviously it all comes down to practice, I have a habit of mashing sweep, as well as throw after an opponent finishes a block string, but they usually jump before it comes out leaving me open to punish. It’s not that i want to, it’s that it’s just the reaction I have. I know I have to stop that too.

Again thank you for the help, i’ll take it into practice. Anymore advice would be good too.


Crouch Fierce is the answer.


>playing Sakura
>asking how to beat jumpins
Has anybody told you that c.HP is o to the p?

Juri can’t do shit on wakeup, so learn to block.

I’d probably say do focus attack backdash.


Play Ryu. Clock 9000 rounds. Come back and tell us how much youve improved.


Here you go!




You forgot Wakeup Ultra 2, throws, and taunting when winning.