How do I deal with online play?

My chun li is getting her ass whooped because of the difficulty of the character

Examples, I do headstomps in the corner and bounce off wall, Akuma is able to wake-up and ultra me to death by the time I land, I didn’t plan on a wall jump anyway

Akuma can fireball war me to death, then he has the meter to rape me

Guile’s air dominance and pokes kill me, why was this match in chun’s favor?

If I do a normal lightning legs, people have mashed ultra through it even when it hits, lack of hitbox to connect final hits?

There is no way to make a living trying to anti-air RYU/KEN who jump roundhouse, land, two medium kicks then jumps again. Everyone does this online so I have to learn; what beats it?

Lag is also my worst enemy, and the influx of Akuma players.

And on a side-note my friend is top 10 balrog, this match is still tough to me because of his light punch.

Hulp me

Press standing fierce more.

When I do stomps in the corner I do 3 stomps then the neutral :hk: and a mixup after that if it didn’t work. I don’t use it so often since its just a gimmick.

You really have to make your way in if the Akuma player is just trying to zone you out, be patient when he does this and try to get in without making any reckless decisions.

Guile is built to zone people, its best to stay grounded playing against him (Work your way in and be patient here too). Only time you should jump in is to safe jump him when you score a knockdown on him.

Not sure what to do about lightning legs getting beat out by a mashed ultra. It’s never happened to me, it usually doesn’t happen because of frame advantage on block or hit stun. If it happened then maybe you were unlucky with very little amount of hits from the lightning legs and they had enough time to retaliate with a reversal ultra.

When Shotos jump in with a round house players usually try to focus attack to counter it, but the best answer for Chun li is to anti air sweep them or standing fierce if they didn’t jump in too deep.

I know what you mean by lag, I kinda quit playing online because of that. I only have PSN so that’s the worst.

You should refer to the “Thigh Life & Style Magazine” thread, SnakeAes put a lot of work to compile all that information for new players like you. But a general tip from me for that matchup is to standing :hp: his jump ins, mix up some Hazanshus/Throws, and throw him out of his dash punches (His straights are pretty hard to react on though, so only try to throw the punches from a good distance like mid screen). Boxers are either good at rushing down or turtling, some are good enough to switch that style through out the match.

Some advices from another bad chun ^^ (and sorry for english)

Don’t jump of wall. Better press n.rh after headstomps. I prefer not to use headstomps in the corner, there will be more profit if you will keep akuma here.

FADC through fireballs. You can simply dash or walk under air fireballs. Also, hasanshu over red balls. Anyway, you can FA back dash cancel, build U1 and punish all balls, even air.

Only ground war against Guile. Get closer with kikosho, FADC, hasanshu. Use hasanshu -> xx EX.LL. (and ->U2/U1 in the corner). Empty jump -> hasanshu, cl.rh xx hasanshu are useful, also FA 2 and even 1 level. Be careful from a fake booms (if he tries to simulate it), cause FA beats hasanshu. Guile’s wake up is very bad for cross ups, make it every time after knockdown.

Use only EX.LL. Normal LL are punishable on hit. Except, may be, light version.

How to beat Ruy/Ken j.rh? Long disitance - Closer - far.hp. Short distance -, jb.rh. If you are late, then block or use, (see link below)

I think i need to upload some videos of myself playing. because all this training mode advanced and bnb combos practice, and all this endless practice, and turned me into a totally useless USELESS ranked player in the sub 1kpp range.

i can beat 400pp players!!!

im currently on a mind numbingly low 290pp, this is someone who can dash ultra 48 times out of 50, can link the st HP pretty much 8 out of 10, and can do the cr hp to slide legs without fail (inc into super and ex legs after) and can hazan-shu into super.

basically i have learnt how to execute, how the HELL do i play this game? (sorry im just frustrated.) have to learn a different character i think, because over the past two months i have only got worse and worse with each day of practice i’ve put in. I am following everyone’s advice here. I think im jut not supposed to be good at this game.

I watch my own replays and i see how terrible i am, how bad my timing is, but i cant seem to correct it. :frowning:

I love this game so much, invested a good amount of money in a new stick to play in a local tournament too. but i really am not improving at all.

Be careful about HSU vs Guile, he can air throw it or Upside Down Kick if it’s too obvious. Try and walk him to the corner with pokes + projectiles of your own.

Execution is a vital, but not a very decisive skill to have as an SF player.
You need to make sure you have every skill detailed in this video series:

Remember, it’s much better to be safe than to cause damage.

thanks i know about most of this stuff already, i dont think im so terrible because i dont know the basics of the game, i suck because i have terrible reactions and cant time my offense or spot good punish oppurtunities. im sorry im not really looking for advice (i have read nearly ever single piece of brilliant advice in this forum a few times now i bet), im pretty sure just practice and training will help me in the long run, but right now i feel so deflated.

oh and for some reason my left hand cannot return to crouching block after a standing medium punch or any standing normal within an instant. which is a bad habit i have somehow grown over the past few months ever since i tried to really use her normals more.

trying to adjust me technique so i can work it out though.

I learned from watching matches from Japanese players, after learning their tricks I developed a skill for anticipating my opponent during matches. Sometimes players just aren’t good at reacting in situations and need to rely on anticipation, read your opponent. Japanese matches from Vanilla might have been played at a high pace, but just watch carefully and stop the videos if you have to. It just takes experience and practice, I’m sure you’ll get better if you just keep at it.

thanks, i definitely will keep at it. i think i just get angry with myself and then come here and post without really thinking about it.

i know there are more things i can do to improve reacting to punish situations, that involves learning every single character moves and basic combos and recording them in training and mastering my options.

if i can punish with the right attack by instinct then i know i will get way above 1kpp in no time. (i know points dont matter, but its just a scale to see where my ability is at online anyway)

going to a tournament soon too. hope i will learn things. not going there expecting anything but embarrassing defeat, so i should have a smile on my face and enjoy myself no matter what.

Lose and learn. Everyone’s been through that. Heck, I started playing late vanilla, but I only really got serious and got anywhere during late Super/early AE.

Everyone’s growth is different. And of course, it’s also dependent on your passion and the effort and hours you give to getting better at the game.

If it’s not working out for you, a break or two wouldn’t hurt.

I may stand alone on this opinion, but I tend not to value online play that much. I’ve noticed that I’ll do much better against B rank and higher players than anything lower than that. Playing online can be super frustrating…any sort of lag can have you drop links, delay a wake up, and just in general screw up timing for critical situations. Try to identify what kind of player they are. For example, it’s really easy to spot a scrubby C+ Ken over a really legit C+ Ken. Chun Li has the advantage, IMO, in that she can turtle and punish. Sometimes, you just gotta be lame. Just try not to take losing on XBL personal, learn from your mistakes, and move along.

If you have friends or a group of friends who play IRL, I’d suggest that way over online play.

Chun ain’t your normal character. You can’t rely on that many ambiguous setups, beat out moves from very close.
You have to make good reads on your opponent’s habits and punish them accordingly.

When your execution is on point, that helps even more. Mine is, to be honest, crappy and costs me 1/3 of my lost rounds.
But don’t try to land your sparkling links, punishes and stuff. Keep it basic and advance from there on.

Choose a role, you want to be in.
…got one? Wrong.
The matchup is deciding your role.

You can’t play passive against Guile or Rose, you must be the aggressor.
You want to keep the shotos out, cause they got free SRK/Throw Mixup you don’t wanna get caught in.
You’re going for footsies against Sagat or Zangief.
You’re turtling and looking for safe approach against Fei Long and Cammy.
(thats not a MU bible, just guidelines)

Multiply that with your enemy’s playstyle and your gameplan should be set.
Utilize your fast walk speed and dashes. You don’t have that easy to use safe options up close to open them up.
Dash Throw… Dash Throw… they teched twice? Try Dash LK HSU.
They mash tech? cl.HK Counter Hit them and make them pay.

Use the correct normals. Work on your footsies.
You are the dominant role most of the time. They’re big enough? Learn the correct use of Fierce Punch and Standing HK.
They focus dash your slow normals? Use s.MP (xx EX Legs), Max Range Fierce Punch (or outside, as Whiff Punish)

They jump a lot? Do j.HPx2 on reaction. Well… offline. Online you can just predict.

They backdash a lot? Get your (Sweep) OS straight.

I love Chun, because you have to play every Matchup like a new character.

And I just would have forgotten: Sometimes your best option on their wakeup is a well spaced Back Dash.

I don’t claim to be a great Chun, but I’ve noticed an uncomfortable amount of characters/players being able to punish normal legs ON HIT. I was getting really frustrated and labbed it up to discover it’s all about spacing; if you’re in their face and hit them with legs, NP. If you barely scrape them with your toenails on a cr.forward and you try to xx into legs, it’ll hit them once, maybe twice, maybe even get blocked, but then it’s an easy free sweep punish -> mixup from your foe. Point being, legs are GREAT, but it’s not HHS (Honda); you can’t just do it and have it be safe no matter what.

As far as the second comment I quoted, as a former (and current, though much less so) heavy pattern player, I have learned to notice patterns in my own play, and apply that to my opponents’ plays. If you’re playing a shoto who j.roundhouse xx cr.forward xx cr.forward -> j.roundhouse etc. etc., notice the pattern. Don’t think about the punish, just notice the pattern. Once the match is over and you’re able to get back to the lab, figure out the RIGHT way to punish it. Maybe forward dash under them -> hazanshu; maybe cr.f.short (I don’t know offhand what would punish it, but it can be done). Hey, I just thought of this; neutral j.roundhouse!

Bottom line being, if they’re playing patterns, notice it and punish it.

I am not trying to troll here, honestly.

But I really do believe that the best way to deal with online play… is not to play online.

@SnakeAes; so how should those of us who don’t have people to practice against try to level up their game? Labbing is always helpful, but matchup experience is necessary too. Perhaps the best thing to say, then, would be to play online and learn matchups, but don’t get salty if your game suffers due to lag, cheese, etc.? Thoughts?

My biggest issue with online play is that there is always an element of lag. Always. It doesn’t matter if you are playing with your next door neighbor on uber-fast internet, online play lags.

For new and learning players, this makes learning (properly, anyway) very difficult. I got my start online when I started playing Vanilla. The timing is totally different online and offline. I’d get used to timing anti-airs, combos and such online and when I attempted to transition to offline I immediately realized I was doing things too early (because online, I was compensating for lag so I pressed buttons earlier than I was supposed to).

Because of the lag, footsies are virtually nonexistent online. By the time you have reacted to another person’s poke and pressed your own button to footsie them, it’s already too late because you are seeing the move later than it actually happened, and your reactionary move is going to come out later than you actually reacted to it. Since footsies don’t exist online, a large majority of online players get their wins via rushdown. This exposes you to one style much more over any other (and potentially predisposes you to trying to use that style to win), which makes you one-dimensional.

If you HAVE to play online, you gotta do what you gotta do. So yes, that’s right, don’t get upset about your losses, try to learn from them, etc. But that’s true regardless if you’re playing online or offline.

My honest answer about what the best thing to say is, is to see if you can get a community organized in your area for offline casuals. Street Fighter is a popular game, and unless you live in some ridiculously rural farm-town area where it takes an hour to get to a grocery store, chances are you ought to be able to organize something if you look hard enough.

Well said, SnakeAes. I was playing a match with a friend (offline) last night, and I was wondering why the things that I had been doing for over a week with success (online, mind you) weren’t working…I never even considered that I was subconsciously compensating for lag. Interesting point.

Online timing is the reason I can’t tech throws offline with any consistency. Never realized what the actual timing was til I started playing people offline. Trying my best to get it though.