How do I deal with players random on Wakeup?



Ryu, Dudley, (dp characters primarily, or just good reversal chars).


-Rog doesn’t have any general and safe way to actually stuff or beat out uppercuts if that’s what you were looking for. Goto option is to block and punish, or step just out of DP range a moment before they do their reversal DP and punish the whiff as they land. The latter option also keeps you safe from wake up throws and prevents them from FADCing. You can also learn to safe jump the slower uppercuts with a bit of practice, but for 3 frame DPs all you can really do is block or make them whiff.

-make sure you’re getting a full punish each time. Basically you want to make the risk for doing a DP a lot more than the reward they get for doing it. If they still keep DPing on wake up, just keep punishing it.

-much better to post in one of the sticky threads instead of making a new thread for one question. :slight_smile: Also, you can check the matchup thread for specific information or ask specific questions there. (E.g. Which uppercuts you can safe jump)

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Patience and spacing is the key. You wanna try to make them want to throw out the dp but keeping a distance so you can punish like rainscape said. When the opponent starts to realize wake up dp is not safe then you can slowly ease into timed safe jumping, mind games, etc. Just don’t get too hasty


@rainscape thanks for the info!


Just to add my opinion:
Just in case you’re talking about opponents you can’t train, kind of like you have an opponent that will DP on his wakeup even though you punish it HARD at least once. You should walk up to them and block. You lose your opportunity for oki, but they can’t roulette their wakeup with DP to neutralize your ability to apply pressure on their wakeup (e.g. meaties or safe jumps). Also the following safe jumps work for [some] 3f reversals. (1)fwd.throw,, j.hp or (2) in the corner, fwd.throw, cl/, wiggle back nj.hp . These won’t work with DWU, but it will allow you to apply safish pressure on those opponents with 3-4f reversals.


Thank you for your info @3nigmatic what exactly does DWU mean?


DWU: delayed wakeup. :slight_smile:


punish it HARD =? Which combo?

I do But… is this ideal variant?


There’s a lot of other options, but that’s the easiest IMO, if you have meter you can xx, cr.lp, xx hp.hb OR if there’s enough recovery on the DP you can do a full jump in combo:,, xx, cr.lp, xx hp.hb etc



But if i have no meter?

and ",, " - 2 frames link? I must use p-linking or Double Tap?


Plinking,, is a 1f link. Keep in mind that if you have no meter you have to go with hp.ds and NOT hp.hb since you won’t have enough time to get down-charge. i don’t think (off the top of my head) there’s a variation of a string starting with that can get you enough down-charge without doing something advanced and character specific.