How do I defeat RC guile?



Im having trouble beating RC characters mainly Guile.

theres this guy at the arcade that uses the same pattern and I still cant beat him properly.

when ever I try to jump at him he RC sonic boom and then I always get hit.
and he gets closer by HK and its annoying.

Oh ya I use A groove so I have no air support.


Is that all he does, just zone with RC sb? Theres gotta be more to it than that, cuz I can win with guile and i dont even RC. What else does he do that youre having trouble with? Also what character(s) are you using? What groove is he using? All very important information…but based on what you said, bait–>> activate.


You’re oversimplifying the problem. Guile isn’t beating you because of RC Sonic Boom. He is beating you because he is controlling space, and one tool he uses to do so is RC Sonic Boom. If he is anything like Daigo and Choi, he is probably also using c.forward, s.roundhouse, hop forward c.jab, s.strong and c.fierce as anti-air, and j.fierce and j.roundhouse as air-to-air. Guile has all of these tools, and he uses RC Sonic Boom either to replace one of the above or to set up one of the above. That is what makes him so good (especially in C).

When I fight Choi’s Guile, I usually end up with Bison using his CC to even up the fight. There is a range for which Bison’s j.rh beats Guile’s c.fierce. However, that same range is beaten by Guile’s c.forward linked into super. Sometimes the only way to beat Guile is to jump in and CC through his anti-airs. Once you gain the advantage, you just have to play solidly thereafter.


Guile’s biggest weakness?

I noticed when i small jump against guile, he always seems to be getting hit. Well not Always, but about 70% of the time he’ll eat a small jump roundhouse. If you small jump over a RC’ed sonic boom he may be safe or he may not, either way he’ll have to go on defensive, since you’re not coming out of a roll or blocking the sonic boom(i haven’t really tested it out so it’s just theory)

so does small jump attacks really hurt guile?
it seems to me whenever i play guile, i’ll just small jump often and i wont’ have that big of a problem.

i dont’ use guile so any guile player, please correct me


Like gunter said, guile is all about spacing, and he proved his knowledge by whooping my ass last week with his A-team. (Thanks Gunter, I learned a few valuable lessons last sat., AA activate was the last thing on my mind :eek: ) Thats why guile has quite a few ways to move while charging back (st. HK, st. MK, st. -> + MK), RCing against guile is very effective, since some of his pokes are relatively slow and predictable, especially cr. MK. But like the man said, you gotta keep youre game solid cuz Guile is all patience and hes keeping track of you keeping track of him.
vasAZNion, all i can think of to possibly beat short jump LK would be st. LP, or cr. MP if done early. But short jumps arent too effective unless he actually lets you get a chance to do so, which goes back to the core of Guiles game, controlling space. And a close up sonic boom is a bad idea in the first place, so i wouldnt focus on that too much since you wont see it often at higher play levels. Guile players please contribute.


Guile playas have TOO much pride…


hmmm…i occasionally play guile, so i think i get the gist of how annoying he could be, cuz i play annoyin with him, lol.

no wait nm, i think i get annoyed just by watching myself play him! anyways, a groove…might not be so good a match up against guile, but if u have CC ready then it’s another story.

one thing u can do if u have meter, is wait for the sonic boom, activate, and go through it and attack. but i dunno the timing for this at all. Gunter does it in his videos, with for example ken, but that seems a little harder than looks. sometimes i tried doing that, but got hit by the fireball, and other times when the enemy threw a late fierce or something, after i activated it seemed i got hit a split second after i activated…sorry i’m just babbling now.

if u use kyo, lotta times ur D+j.hp will trade with guile’s D+hp, and sometimes win out. he has decent pokes, which brings us to the next thing: pokes. but guile’s pokes are so ANNOYING! keep an eye out for range: after a kinda far d+mk, he will probably either 1) throw a sonic boom 2) far, or 3) far st.hp. u might wanna stick in a poke, or psychic dp, but i guess that’s risky, especially if he has a level 3 super ready. but i dunno, i’m a guy that likes to take risks…

i guess that’s it for me now, i’ve talked too much…


If the guy uses the same pattern and you cant beat him… its not Guile’s fault, it might be yours.

Guile has patterns, but his pokes a mix-em-ups are what make him beastly. Gunter tells it well when he talks about spacing, Guile has to control the floor if he is to be used effectively. But ya… RC boom is pretty amazing, but it is just another tool. Ive been hardcore Guile even before RC days.

Edit: But if you want some counter chars, Cammy, vega, and Yama come to mind.


Cammy absolutely DIES to Guile.


i think honda is good vs guile. and i think blanka in k does ok vs him. chun has a shot if she has super. iori gives him problems.


Chun doesn’t really have a great shot against Guile, even with meter, it’s so hard to connect a normal on a good guile.

You pretty much have to be a master of the st. Strong xx Kick Super, or else good luck.

You can’t jump in on Guile, too many AA’s against her, st. Strong, cr. Fierce, RC Flash Kick.

You can’t roll past the Sonic Booms without getting punished by a throw

I guess you can Level 2 or 3 Kick Super past a Sonic Boom, but who knows, the invincibility on that super sucks, you might get hit on the backend with the projectile

It’s just a tough matchup for Chun, kind of like going against a good Vega player.


Crouch medium and back forward kick beats his slide, stuffs his crouching fierce most of the time. C guile has airblock so with a good amount of mixups K blanka will be airthrown a shit of alot of times, or even if blanka jd’s a crouch fierce, or b +mp guile recovers fast enough that most of the time he will not be punished and you can mix up once again with a rc sonic boom, flash kick, back fist if you jd a rc sonic boom before they hit the ground (to many options). Blocked blanka ball = death if guile is sitting on a level three same with slide. I think this matchup goes pretty much in guiles favor.


What about N-Iori? He has a quick roll that could be safe against RC SB’s, has a good counter attack and counter movement, and RC Rekkas can close some space if used properly. Just a thought though, I don’t use either of them much so I could be wrong.


Iori/Kyo Rekkas. Hibiki Standing Slash (absolutely imperative in the Guile match). Yamazaki Dirt then/or Fierce Snake Arm. With King I RC her rush kick even though it’s not safe at all - if I know they’re going to c.forward, it’s worth it (I have a pretty good track record against Choi’s C-Guile with A-King… weird).

And I don’t know what you’re talking about with Sakura not being able to RC Hurricane him. You’re just using the WRONG hurricane. Forward Hurricane from the right distance cannot be blocked and Flash Kicked. I tend to use Short because it’s easier for me, but Forward is better. Ken can RC Short Funky Kick also.

This calls to mind your comments about using RC Fireballs against Bison all day, when it’s easy for him to just RC Scissor through them and activate. You’re being too narrow-minded when it comes to strategies.


Yea, I forgot Hibiki, I think she does pretty well vs Guile. I know Iori’s mix of having a good roll and a good RC poke (which you generally would use at Guile’s ideal poking range is what makes him good vs Guile. I think K Blanka does good vs Guile cuz the number of supers that Blanka gets can help slow down Guile pressure game. Also, Blanka’s st Strong is a pretty good move vs Guile. Backhops are pretty good to get out of poke range (just don’t get cornered). I think Blanka st RH goes over cr MK pretty consistently.


I was trying to make a joke when I said that, and I wasn’t trying to direct anything towards you. But thanks for making it personal Gunter. Maybe you’ll understand my next attempt at sarcasm this time… or not.

I like how you RC Sakura fireballs from full screen away against Ricky walking back and forth with Cammy. Remind me to let everybody know you make the best match videos ever. Random activations and messing up d.LP, throw owns all.


man this thread becomes personal due to comment here and there. You guys need to chill. I mean it is especially bullshit ripping on matchs of people in a tournament or what not. Seeing how they could very well not have put them up. Then again most peeps like Gunter and Buk could very well not post up at all, and we’d all still be mashing on FP with Sagat and Blanka or doing stupid RC balls randomly. And no offense to anyone, but what is the point of posting sarcasm or a joke, not like people can hear or see the tone of your post.


I wasn’t making it personal. I was offering constructive criticism. You ARE being too narrow-minded… you have certain moves in your head that you think don’t work, but if you slightly modify them (i.e. use Forward Hurricane instead of Roundhouse Hurricane) they become a viable tactic.

And RCing Fireballs against Bison is NOT a good thing because of the threat of RC Scissors leading into activation. I am merely pointing this out to you and to others that are reading. I try to help people out… maybe I shouldn’t.


I never said I had a good Sakura. That match was the first time I used Sakura in months, and I think I did pretty good for being EXTREMELY rusty. Someone needs to take a chill pill.

And yeah, I’m tired of helping people. is down.


hmm wow, that does suck, if its worth anything gunter, i read everything on your site and watch all the videos, they are super helpfull. Ryu and ken frame data was especially helpfull.

Gunter if you have aim or msn can you pm me your handle?

That wasnt classy, kcjx



Thanks for your support Gunter.