How do I do a ground cannon strike?

Can you show me with arrows? Ill practice as long as I know what the Input is.

Quarter Circle Back > Jump Forward > Kick

Sweet just what I needed, a simplifcation. Thanks a lot.


Also referred to as TKCS. Tiger Knee.

no wonder its so hard for me to do it. I always did Jump forward>Quater Circle>Kick no wonder I could never get mine to come out instantly but Id get close. Wow your way is so much easier.

hard to do this im matches consistantly for me

Just train. I use it consistantly now.

i have no problem doing tk. strike. but for the last couple days, i picked a bad input habit or something. Sometimes, i do CS instead of tk. strike. it pissed me off.

Anyone doing this consistently w/ a pad? Seems easy enough on stick, but damn I’m like 25% on it w/ my pad, and it’s a good pad. But doing everything perfectly since I got it. But this… this eludes me! How much time do you have to go from back to upfwd? Does ti help to go neutral between? Any tips for a pad scrub?? :slight_smile:

Back when I used to play on a fightpad, it was all about repetition and muscle memory. I don’t let go to goto neutral, it’s all one free movement. You have a sizable amount of time for you to get the move to come out once you input the quarter roll back.

I am a pad warrior and I am about 75% or so consistency with it. Oddly, usually I either do it like 5 times in a row, or I can’t do it once in 5 tries.

I dunno if I can give any tips. I just grind it out in training mode and idle time during fights until hopefully I’ll master the feel of it.

How long have you been training? I’ve only started playing Cammy for like less than a week so far and TKCS is the first thing I learned. But then again, I’ve been playing like 5-6 hrs a day for the past week, and then the weekend I played all day from when I got up to when i went to sleep.

On a side note, is everybody doing the EX the same way? Or are they using the easier standard TK motion with up back instead of up forward?

i use the standard TKCS motion for all versions. muscle memory just kinda takes over when doing an EX-TKCS. lol

If you’re not going neutral (back when you used fight pad), and are then, I assume, motioning straight from back yo up fwd, how are you avoiding back or up jumps? Are you angling your thumb downwards and kinda curving it up up fwd? I wish I was at home (Im at work) so I could play w/ it and explain what I mean better. It just seems like something that should be really easy in theory.

Also, do you hit upfwd and K at the same exact time? or upfwd then quickly K, thus ensuring she jumps 1st? I dunno, I’m just throwin shit out there lol thanks for the responses, guys!


I do it like this. and specially I have to remind myself to do this :ub::u::uf:

Oh what I meant by not going to neutral was that I won’t let go of everything to goto neutral-- it might still goto neutral but it’s just one big motion to me. I do know what you’re talking about though.

You have leniency on the upforward and K, in whichever order you do it in, so I feel like I just press it simultaneously.

Yeah guess I just need to mess w/ it more. I just feel like there’s something I’m missing. I execute well in general, so it’s confusing and frustrating. I’m desperately seeking a good 2ndary for my main Chun, and getting this instant dive is the make or break for Cammy. I believe Cammy to be AMAZING and want to prove it. But obv this tactic is part of the backbone of her pseudo-brokenness.

Ive seen that suggested and, maybe it’s different on stick, but that way seems just about impossible. I am very very fast w/ my thumbs, and avoiding getting a back jump instead of a fwd jump seems totally impossible. Unless, like, buffered somehow where you press a button then do that motion and get to upfwd when the animation completes, but I know that’s not what you mean. But how else can you negate an entire quarter circle (the back to up)?

Just wondering, any reason you don’t wanna use a stick?

I like pad, honestly. I think I play better w/ it. I dont really have the money to get a (good) stick, and am for the most part very happy w/ my 'troller. Fair question though, stick is basically better overall