How do I do cancels?

Is there any special trick to canceling? I just can’t seem to do it. I input the commands for a special move while the animation for a normal move is playing and nothing happens, I have to wait until the animation is over. Please help!

First, make sure that you’re using a normal that is special-cancellable. Second, you more than likely need to input the special move faster.

Depends a bit on the game, but basically you probably should be doing the motion of the special sooner. When you are canceling from a punch into a hadouken for example, hit the punch and the down at nearly the same moment. Then complete the motion of the fireball and hit punch again. The thing you practice here is almost pushing the punch and down at once, but not crouching when you attack. If you crouch and attack while trying to do a standing punch, you should hit down just a little later.

For an easier cancel try cancel from any crouching punch into a hadouken: start crouched (holding down) and hit the punch. To cancel, you only need to finish the quarter circle motion (ie: you only need to do a forward-down and a forward since you already started with a down thanks to being crouched) and hit a punch again.

Yeah, I didn’t do it fast enough. I think it’s kinda insane how fast you have to do it, I just can’t manage to do it as part of a longer combo.

Edit: Nevermind, it’s actually quite easy if you use the power of buffering (thanks Tbird).

also, if u play street fighter don’t forget about negitive edge, a crouching hp into hp fire ball only requires 1 button push :slight_smile: