How do I do Evo?

I’ve always loved fighting games but just started following the competitive scene over a year ago. I want to go to Evo and need advice on everything. Tips, hints, everything. If I stay for 4 days should come a day early or stay a day late? What is it like? I have 6 months to prepare, and I like being well prepared.

Soak up Vegas! You’re there for fun!
I’d suggest getting there on Thursday, and leaving on Monday.

Leave earlier than you think you’d need.

Pack deodorant, washed clothes, and shower.

Start saving your monies now…for travel, hotel, food, emergency monies(there’s always something to check out at Las Vegas)

I show up a day of two before the events so I can meet up with other players and maybe get some casuals in…or I’ll just play Dynasty Warriors 4 all day in my hotel room.


Spectating and BYOC areas are free…but if you are going to compete in any of the official games, you have to register.
If you do…do it early.

If you are competing…stay in your pools.
I know that the way pools are done has changed last year and I guess are more efficient.

Overall…have fun.

Evo is definitely worth the trip out. Besides being in Vegas, where there’s no shortage of things you can do, Evo has several booths from game developers showing off the latest games, clothing, joystick parts, panels, documentaries, as well as many side tournaments and main tournaments, all of which are exciting to watch.

Definitely start saving up your money now. It helps to book the hotel in advance so that you’re committed to going, and you’ll most likely be able to find the cheapest rates by booking WELL before the summer season begins. Thursday night is usually the pre-party for Evo, with the main event beginning on Friday and lasting until late Sunday night. It’s best to plan to leave on Monday morning, since you’ll probably be dead tired by Sunday night, but of course that depends entirely on your schedule.

Try to find some roommates now. Hotel costs (along with travel costs) are the biggest expense on the road to Evo, so having some people share your hotel room will definitely save you some money. Try to create a budget to work with, so that you can allocate exactly how much you intend to spend on buying food, drinks, gambling, alcohol, etc etc. You can make it to Evo on a low budget as long as you plan it out, but you can quite EASILY spend your paycheck in an instant if you plan on partaking of all the night activities Vegas has to offer.

How do I get roommates? I remember last year people posting about having or needing a room. So if I can’t get my friends to go what are my options? Do strangers just decide to bunk up? Is that normal?

Strangers if you’re desperate, as you don’t know what kind of people they are, if they’re going to mooch off of you, if they’re annoying assholes. Lots of problems with that route, but it is an option. It also doesn’t hurt to make friends with your local community, since it’s a far better idea to go with buddies who enjoy SF, and will reliably chip in for gas, food, hotels, etc. You could also turn this into a regular Vegas trip with your buddies, and then when you get there, you can go off and enjoy Evo, and hang out with your friends at night.