How do I do Juri's dive kick/ Ibuki's kunai/ cammy's cannon strike off the ground?

I know this might belong in the character forums but i figured since its more than one specific character I’d ask here.

I understand its supposed to look like this :qcb::uf::k:when I’m in training mode but I always get a pinwheel kick or j.kick. I’ve been able to pull it off once or twice with:qcb::ub: but it seems at random. I know most of it’s execution and timing but I’d appreciate any pointers on what I should be doing/timing, and what others did to practice it. Thanks

Cammy’s low Cannon Strike is the easiest. As long as you input the motion, I don’t see how you can mess up. Personally I execute it as fast as I can but I don’t think you have to. Then again, I’m one of those people that can pull off EX Low Cannon Strike > EX Low Cannon Strike > EX Low Cannon Strike > EX Low Cannon Strike > Low Cannon Strike with ease, LOL.

Ibuki and Akuma’s low projectiles both require sort of a more strict timing. You input the directional motion and then press the Punch button as soon as you see the character lift off the floor to execute the projectile as low as possible. The way I do it is that I input the :db::l::ub::u::uf: motion and hold :uf: until I see my character just barely jump. If you’ve done it correctly, the character should instantly throw out the projectile and then get boosted into the air, leaving you more vulnerable in the air than usual. This is because you’re supposed to use this technique as a meaty.

Juri’s low Shikusen, Adon’s low Airborne Jaguar Kick and Makoto’s low Tsukiage all require a weirder timing. This one I can’t help you with as I can’t explain it since I still haven’t completely mastered the technique yet ('cause it’s too weird). You’ll just have to figure it out in Training. These moves are all really useful too if you know how to do it. Connecting both Juri’s low Shikusen and Makoto’s low Tsukiage can allow you to combo into their Ultra Combo right after.

Thanks Ima fool around with Cammys tonight so I can get more practice. I’ve been kinda close with Ibuki’s by jumping and mashing out a kuni as fast as I can, I think it might work with Juri.