How do I do Rekka motions (QCF+P x3) on a stick?


This is seriously the only thing stopping me from getting better at using a stick. I usually get practice on sticks when I go to my local weekly’s but one thing I can never do consistently is the Rekka motion. I mainly play KOF on stick at Xanadu (my local venue) cause that’s the game I’m using to learn inputs with stick on as they have to be really, really, really precise to register in most SNK games.

In 98 I always used Iori/Kyo/O.Chris. That was my team even when I used a pad in that game. I can’t do Iori’s aoi hana (the rekkas) after the first QCB+P input. So how does one do such a motion on an arcade stick?


It sounds like just a rekka timing issue. If you can do QCB once okay, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to string 2 more.


^I guess so.

When I do the first one, I do the motion and press punch for the next one and NOTHING HAPPENS! It happens every single time. I have no issues doing this on a pad but on a stick I can’t get it done.


You can try turning on input display if you haven’t already. Check if you are entering the inputs clean after the 1st rekka.


I don’t think old school 98 has input display. I would have to buy a stick of my own and practice on SF, but there are no rekka chars in SF5. Karin is the closest I can think of, but even her’s are different.


it shouldnt give you trouble. go to training and do one qcf p. then pause. do another. then another. keep doing it faster and faster til you have a rekka. rekkas generally arent even fast. maybe you have the timing off.


Ah. I know the steam version of KoF98 has input display. Not sure which port you are using, but you can double check on the practice menu the next time you’re on there.


I was using a PC/laptop emulator at Xanadu games (the venue for my local) and the owner of the setup had an extra stick. It was KOF 98 on FBA switched to AES mode to access training mode.


Iori his rekka’s are qcb+p. You don’t even have to do the rekka’s fast, just make sure you complete the qcb motion before pressing the button. You have a LOT of time to do this. There is no such thing as inputting it too fast, you can also do it very slow but then the following rekka won’t combo though. Point is, his rekka’s leave a lot of room for inputting the them.

This shouldn’t give you any problems really. Just go slow and then speed it up once you are comfortable with the motion.