How do I do that roll wake up thing?

I’ve seen a backward roll wake up as well as a forward quick recover as I think its called. How exactly are these things done when you get hit on the floor?

Pardon the newbish nature of the thread.
Thanx in advance.

Tap the stick down once right when you hit the ground. If you’re not that cool, just mash it down a few times until you get the hang of it.


to get a feel of it, think about “parrying the ground”. It works :smiley:

Hahaha, so true.


So this works for the backward roll?
What about the quick recover forward? Is that up? Wish I had this game home to know.

Oro’s Recovery Roll is the best. It looks like he is humping the ground while sliding away from you. I remember the first time I saw it a match I had this guy cornered and I saw it and said “what the fuck?” so I froze for a second and then got chickened into tengu and died.

Forward doesn’t exist. So solly cholly.


True! That’s the way I think of it. ^^

Not a roll. I’m talking about quick recovery. Backwards I’ve seen the roll yes, but forward, I’ve seen shotos do a handspring and get back on their feet. Hmm… judging from what overbeasted says, it may be a diff animation for certain characters.

Just Dont Hit The Ground!