How do I do the middle punch?



Alot of strategy guides for all players have combos that need the use of the middle strenth punch or kick.How do I push the buttons so I perform the middle strenth punch and kick.




you read a strategy guide for a fighting game???



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my god this game 's like 4 years old and still ppl ask such stupid questions… well here’s my answer though.

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dude, if you’ve read the strategy guide, it tells you in detail why/how the medium atacks are executed. . . . . .But I’ll tell you anyhow. There are NO mp/mk buttons. mp/mk is executed by tappin lp twice, and therefore can only be used in a combo. So it’s not that the guides dont say it, every MvC2 guide explains this in depth almost. You just weren’t using your thinking cap. It’s all good though.


not true guys, there is a command for doing the 2nd animation to Blackheart, Dr.Doom, Cable, and god knows how many more. I can’t tell you tho, it happens to me on accident. I think you do the foward, fireball motion + F button. I’m not sure, and i’m too lazy to figure it out on my DC. And GameFAQs is not the answer to everything guys. It doesn’t have a standard that EVERYONE goes by. Just like this forum, some people say and some say c.rh. Some indicate motions on a number system, 4 roll 1 + Punch. Some indicate in alot of different ways.
Cut this guy/girl some slack for not knowing internet ebonics. Don’t chew him/her up for asking what you may think is a stupid question. Its a damn good question, and I’d like to know once and for all as well what the command is.


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And has NEVER existed formally. There’s no such thing as a fierce kick. There’s already a forward kick, it fucks things up to say fk.


Are you thinking of DF+HP/HK doing the medium launchers on occasion?


df+fp. only if it’s a launcher.


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