How do I do the "snackish"?



Hey guys I don’t usually play Zangief but I watched Aquasilk’s stream and he constantly pulled off this move he calls the “snackish”. Where he does a focus attack and when the other player backdashes or jumps he dashes out of it and immediately does Ultra 2 seemingly without even jumping. I went to training mode but I couldn’t get it to come out fast enough. How do I do this?


You buffer the 720 while you dash and in the first frame you are jumping you press the 3 kicks. You start getting comfortable with it really soon.


Is this like an easy technique that all zang players know or something. I tried looking for a youtube vid that shows the inputs and searching srk but theres zero results.


if you want to learn the snackish you have to learn to dash into U1 once you have that down then you can proceed to U2


Oh he’s jumping alright. U2 executing very early as he’s leaving the ground. Buffer the entire 720 or shortcut 540 motion (ONE AND A HALF circles), and end the motion in up-forward, and making sure to press KKK as soon as he leaves the ground.

I don’t mean to disrespect you ugo_2u, but I don’t entirely agree here. The fact that U2 is done in mid-air allows you a bit of leeway with the Ultra’s execution. Whereas with U1, you have to get it all in before the prejump frames end. Forward dash into U1 and back dashes in U2 differ in duration, so you training the dash times would again, be different. Although, I can see where you coming from, back dash U1, a great defensive play, and back dash U2, kind of similar. Yet, the leeway helps greatly, but you also wanna get U2 out as soon as possible, giving a better trajectory and greater distance control.


Ok bro, no offence taken. I suggested that because that’s how I learnt mine.