How do i do the tatsu option select with ryu?



i’ve seen it before and just watched a vid where air explains it but i’m still have trouble. To clear things up it’s the one you use to blow up characters with a backwards teleport You jump in with a jumping roundhouse safe jump and if they block or get hit the kick comes out but if they teleport or try to back dash tatsu comes out and catch. In the vid all air said was you do the tatsu motion before the kick animates. Does he mean to hit the roundhouse button then quickly do the tatsu motion?

  1. Jump in RH
  2. Complete the RH tatsu input before you land
  3. Your choice of block string (, (cr.lp,

You must do all 3 steps, if your opponent backdashes or teleports the tatsu will come out and your block string will not. If your opponent gets hit or blocks, your block string will come out.

Watch this tutorial on how to do a jumping option select. I recommend watching all of the parts to learn how to do many kinds of option selects.


ty gonna watch then go practice


my jumping rh>tatsu is combing instead of option selecting. Meaning the tatsu is coming out even when they jumping rh is blocked or kicked. So what am i doing wrong?


ok i’m trying this on sfxt and here is how i’m trying to do it
1 i do the jumping RH
2 as soon as i hit rh i do a tatsu motion before ryu hits the ground matter of fact i usually complete it before the rh finishes animating. if i wrote it like a combo it would look like this j.rh,qcb+rh
3 result kick comes but no tatsu

i’m doing it across the screen from the dummy so yes the in order to make sure the j.rh wiffs


be sure you’re doing all 3 steps i wrote above otherwise the tatsu will combo. after you input the tatsu, u must start input your block string. if you aren’t inputting your blockstring, the tatsu will come out.


oh i thought the block string was just cover all your bases. I didn’t know it was also what kept the tatsu from coming out


did you get it to work brah?



haven’t tried again. Watching tuesday with james chen and ultra david soon as that’s finished i will give it another try.


got it. now i just need to find one that also covers rolling. Do you have an ideas?


You can’t option select into a sweep in this game because a quick combo will come out
Watch from 0:00-2:50 to see what I mean

So after I knock down the opponent, I take a step back to be in between the space of the opponent rolling and standing up. So no matter what happens I can just do a meaty, hit confirm. You can guess what your opponent will do and take a step back and go for a jumping option select as well.


You can option select sweep with + instead of cr.lp +