How do i do this?

ok, so i got that toodles compilation, but it is in a way that i can’t understand what i am supposed to do (there are like 20 “parts” that read: TDCfinal2.par01.rar) now i got a mac and i know how to burn images, but how do i make it an image or whatever to make it play on the cast. tell me what i am supposed to do. and as always thanks in advance.

Step 1. Read the rules of these forums.

Step 2. Obey the rules of this forum.

Step 3. Don’t get banned by asking for ROM help.

Step 4. Enjoy your time on SRK.

Seems those files are Rar’ed

download the trial, and your good to go.

Also toodles is a member of this forum, if you don’t understand, politely contact him, he should help you out, hes a cool guy.

Hes not asking for roms dude :lame: lol, so you kinda backfired on yourself, buts its okie :wink:

He’s asking for help on burning the image. TDCfinal is a DC game compilation. As far as I’m concerned, that follows the definition of piracy and the forums say that’s not okie.

This isn’t trying to come across hard on you pc1x1, so I hope I don’t give off that impression. Just know that I’m almost positive that this IS a rule violation.

nevermind, don’t want to break rules…

I’ll help a little!

To burn images you can use the program Burn or Liquid CD.

To open rar and other archiving folders, you can use The Unarchiver.

Google them!