How do I download the 2012 patch?


Hi all! I purchased the GFWL version of SSF4 AE from Amazon (download) a while back and reinstalled it today. How do I download the 2012 patch? Is it supposed to download automatically once I login to my GFWL account when running the game? If so, then it’s not downloading it for some reason. Anyone else run into and/or know how to resolve this issue? I took a look in my SSF4 directory and found 3 patch folders labeled ‘patch,’ ‘patch1a,’ and ‘patch_1_06.’ There’s supposed to be a ‘patch_1_07’ or something in there as well right?

Thanks in advance!


It might’ve been automatically updated already when you downloaded the game overall. Either that, or you might have to check Options in the game menu for Updates.


Thanks for the quick reply. Is ‘ver. 2012’ supposed to appear somewhere in the title screen to acknowledge that the patch has been applied? I tried checking in the options menu, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to update from there. I only see options to change the graphics and controls and such.

edit: I should rephrase my original question to: How can I tell if the AE 2012 patch has been applied? Is it supposed to show in the title screen or icons or anything?


Ver. 2012 will show up, at the very least, on the VS screen. Even if it’s local VS.


You can also just check whether the changes are applied - eg pick Juri with U1, activate her U1 and see whether the dash is wozorzoom.


When you go to options there should be something that tells you your current game version and if it says Ver.2012 then you’re good. I don’t remember exactly where in the options it is but I know it’s there. Don’t have AE in my xbox right now so I couldn’t tell you for certain where to find it.


Nvm I see 2012 in the training room.