How do I drop my throwing habit from Sf 3S and 4?



You don’t want to “drop” throwing people as that’s the primary way of opening people up in streetfighter. But you do need to develop some frame traps and shimmies to deal with people that tech your throws at a high rate.

This video shows k Brad putting on a clinic entitled how to frame trap/throw your opponent to death in the latter part of the vid. He starts out early going for looser frame traps and getting hit alot. But then he adapts to his opponents tendency to press buttons faster and so k Brad starts to tighten his frame traps up and really start to counter his opponent:

The way to practice this is in training mode come up with some ways to tick throw your opponent, then find frame traps from those tick situations.


What’s the problem exactly? Throws have been part of Street Fighter since SF2 and it didn’t really change since. Only difference is that throws have a slower startup and can be beaten by buttons more easily, but as long as you set them up correctly there’s nothing wrong with them.
What are the situations you try to get out of with throws?



Define “a lot slower”. Because as far as I know, throw start-up in SFV is universally 5 frames.


You’re correct, you can’t get out of frame traps with throws since they’re 5 frames and most frame traps are made to catch 3-4f buttons. But why would you throw frame traps when you have V-Reversal?



Alex’s VT is two bars so you shouldn’t really fear of using one or two V-Reversals, you’ll probably end up building another V-Trigger by the end of the round anyway.



You sound sarcastic lol. And yes of course this applies to Nash too, his V-Reversal is a great escape tool in the corner. Just beware that:

  • V-Reversals can always be thrown, so if someone tick throws you or grabs you right after you blocked an air normal it might not work
  • people can still bait Nash’s V-Reversal and punish it when you reappear on the other side


3rd strike throws are i think 2 frames I remember because turtling chun lis tend to throw alot
throws in 5 are 5 frames so you cant use it to get out of pressure
you’ll get frame trapped and counterhit to death. and mediums are generally are safe on block and + so you gotta block unless you have meter for reversal.