How do i execute ulra1 over 50% of my tries?

i find it hard and yes i use a fightstick. never played as zangief for this very reason.


Speed it up and dare I say the P word? I dare, practice practice practice.

Also, if you’re trying to do it while standing idly, dont even bother. Buffer it from something.

neutral jump over an enemy on wakeup
whiffed conderdive
focus crumble
after blocking a punishable move

It’s just a matter of getting comfortable with the full circle motion and then spamming the living shit out of it when you want to do an ultra or super. You might never get comfortable with it, though. I was never comfortable with the motion until I built myself a custom stick with the joystick on the right side (I’m right handed).

The key is buffering the motion.
Spin the joystick while your character is in the middle of dash animation, or condor spire, or dive. Basically anything that keeps you from not jumping during you joystick mashing.

Other than that it just takes pratice. Also, you don’t have to do the full 360, or 720 motions. 360 only has to 3/4 of the way around, and 720, only has to go 1 and 3/4 around.


you can buffer the motion during the animation of a normal move or even during a dash. Standing 720 non buff version is the one I have extreme trouble with.

Do a bunch of 360’s during an empty jump and hit ppp right when u hit the ground. Start there then learn other ways. This is called buffering and the emtpy jump buffer is the easyist.

To do standing 360s start at 9 oclock, go down to 6, to 3, and then end at 12. At 12, hit punch before you jump. Its not a real 360, just 3/4ths of one. As for standing 720s, 99% of players input the motion during an animation that prevents them from jumping.

Cr MP, learn it live it love it.

It’s also technically not a 720, like how the "360"s are really 270s, a 720 is really a 540.