How do I fight bunny hoppers?


So I just played online for the last hour or so and EVERY SINGLE person I fought literally played by only using up-forward and up-back to move around. They would only be on the ground long enough to FP Shoryuken me.

I know the age old “bait and punish scrubs” and “the air is really dangerous in street fighter” and not to mention “teach them to not do that by anti-airing them consistently” but, the problem is:

They’re all using Ken or Ryu or Chun or someone with a REALLY high priority jumping attack ( by most of them).

I use charge characters and characters without very good anti airs (namely Bison but I was just trying to use Vega) and with the lack of a good anti-air and losing my charge every second because they jump as soon as they touch the ground and cross me up leading to me losing my charge I’m at a serious loss.

So to run my problem back:

I have no good anti-airs that beat their awesome jump in attacks
I can’t keep a charge because they jump all over so much
I can’t beat them air to air because their jump attack beats those too

What do I do? I’m trying to get better but, the lack of a shoryuken is making it so people can jump the fuck all over me.

Obviously this wouldn’t work against “the pros” and I know it’s not a good tactic but, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to beat them without a shoryuken. It’s a problem I’ve been seriously having with my Bison and now with Vega the problem is amplified because I just started using him.

Blocking the shoryuken and punishing is the logical answer but the amount of damage they get off of their, HP SRK or, not to mentiont he super cancelled mashed shoryuken makes them landing a single blow seriously hurt. But the thing is they are jumping around with no rhyme or reason and the mixup is so intense I don’t know what to do. This must be how the americans fighting in the pacific against the kamikazes felt.

I’m not complaining I just really need some help figuring this out because it doesn’t appear to be as simple as I would think.

side note: I rarely play online is this how everyone plays online?


To answer your side note, yes that is how most people play online.

To solve your problem: I know Bison has his which is supposed to be a really good AA the only problem is it being spacing dependent. Also, in my experience with Bison you can spam the head stomp online and they won’t be able to do anything about it, same with Vega’s wall dive. However, if you truly wanna get better your best option is to just skip online in general.


Stand hard kick with bison is not a very good anti air especially against high priority jump ins. It trades with most things and everything else flat out beats it. You’ve got to be very specific with the spacing for it to work but, when someone is hopping all over the place it’s near impossibe to get the spacing on point.

Yeah I’ve completely shunned online but, I don’t have a lot of people to play and I know I need to fight a lot of different people to get better so I thought online would be a good place to find a large variety of styles.

I feel like such an asshole when these people just jump around and beat the crap out of me


Use area damage weapons such as the RL or the Plasmagun


If I would I could

I hear bisons psycho punisher has some good splash damage


There are a couple of answers.

  1. Pick Blanka and upball the shit out of them.

  2. You don’t constantly need to charge: Bison’s normals are pretty good, his focus attack (USE IT!) is great, and his dash is superb. Dash under a shoto jumping at you and hit him with a combo when they land. Focus the jump in kick and counter hit: watch out for deep hits into SRK though. If it looks like he can mash it out before you hit em, dash back and standing roundhouse/forward. If you HAVE a back charge, EX Psycho Crusher beats pretty much everything, and it does crazy damage besides.


Focus Attack their Jump ins. Use that against scrubs. Most will mash Shory so FA backdash and block the Shory then punish. Be more specific. Do they just do J.HK into nothing and cross you up? If they do the scrub combo j.HK > c.HK then punish the HK. If they Shory then punish that.

Having a “I’m better then them, but they still beat me” state of mine isn’t good.


Here are the problems with those solutions:

Can’t get any of his normals out or like I said they trade or get stuffed
His focus attack is terrible but they SRK as soon as they land which breaks my armor(and if I focus absorb back dash they’re jumping back in on me before I finish dashing)
I can dash under then block the inevitable shoryuken but, this is situational and isn’t always a reliable solution not to mention i’ve gotted tagged by the SRK even after dashing before.
I usually EX psycho crusher but, ny main problem is not having a charge

I never mentioned I was in a state of mind of saying I’m better so I shouldn’t lose. I’m asking for help because this… style… is kicking the crap out of me.

G-boobie don’t you play at ULX in GRAP?


I do in fact play at ULX, Kelter.

I’ll tell you what: add me on PSN and 360: gamertag in both cases is Geoffvdl. I’m at work at the moment, but if you’re usually up this late, we’ll set up a room and I’ll show you some tricks sometime this week. Alternately, some of the gentlemen at GRAPSF (myself included!) can help you out at ULX. Are you planning on going today?


If they SRK once they land punish that. Forget about your charge and focus on that. If they don’t SRK then do a throw if you don’t know any combos. The beauty of charge characters is that you don’t ALWAYS have to hold the charge.


Yeah I think I might be going, what time are you planning on getting there? I always end up being the first one there and have nothing to do for 3 hours.

Problem is the most damage I get on the punish is something like 130 from a throw because I’m not ready with the charge for my more damaging punish combos. So I have to punish them about 9 times to beat them and they only have to hit me about 3 times

Side note: I’ve been playing while this thread was on and I’ve just been trying to keep my distance from them by keeping them out with pokes and making a point of predicting what they’re going to do. It’s been working. So basically if I don’t let them get in and spam this shit I’m doing okay.


Use Balrog and when they jump in c.fierce them. Very solid AA. On knock down, get close to them but not in throw range. Chances are they will SRK. xD


I’m not going to switch my main instead of figuring this out

That’s terrible advice


I’ll probably get there around four or five PM. Slappy and Cakefarts usually precede me by a couple hours though.

You have the right idea now though. If you know they’re going to jump in at you every time, you can retaliate accordingly. And a throw isn’t just a 130 HP punish: it’s also an untechable knockdown that sets up some fun wake up games. Also: headstomp, especially the EX variety, is pretty much the best thing ever. If the first thing they do at the beginning of the round is jump, you have the charge to hit em.


Well I’ve mained Bison for a while but, it seems I never noticed that he started the match the meter! j/k

also appearently vegas slide hits blankas electricity, do all sweep do this?


AFAIK yes, they do…

But seriously, Bison has some nice AA normals and headstomp as a decent A2A if you space it right, focus is also golden. Don’t know enough about Vega to comment though, just spam the shit out of walldive.


Oh snaps!

Even regular headstomp is heinous. Assuming it’s round one and you have no meter, it’ll do the trick. Round two or three WITH meter? You’re gold. You don’t need to hit it every time: just enough to teach them that jumping like a meth addict rabbit is a poor idea. Then you can get on with yer scissor kick frame traps and related shenanigans.

If they don’t stop, well… It’s gonna be one of those un-fun matches against a scrub. Block, block the inevitable SRK or sweep, punish. tech the occasional throw attempt. Repeat until you win. Block the gamertag. This is why I prefer playing local folk: you can’t body slam over the internet, more’s the pity.


My whole point is you can’t space it right when they’re hopping all over the place and you can’t focus it because the SRK starts up too fast


Every time I run into one of these guys, I just blank out. I’m so used the people that I play with doing real combos and staying in my face, NOT……jump away. It’s pretty hilarious when I lose to that stuff, actually. I just forget all of the reasons why that isn’t a valid strategy in tournaments.

It’s like when I would watch high level Blanka or Vega play and I used to ask myself, “Why isn’t Blanka being cheap all the time!?!?!? Why isn’t Vega jumping off the wall always!?!?!? HE’D WIN THAT WAY.” Losing to stuff that shouldn’t work is lame. If it’s ever because you aren’t used to the style you’re playing, always think about your character when you’re in a long play session. Between matches, tell yourself every single Bison tool there is for everything, just so you always remember everything. If I didn’t do that, I’d forget that Dudley even had a counter!!!


Yeah, but you know the jump in is coming. The jumper is relying on his jumps being unpredictable and hard to track: neither of these is true. As soon as you see the dude leave the ground, headstomp. Untechable knockdown, wake up malarkey.

Look at it this way, taking head stomp out of the equation: they have two real options if you block their jump in. SRK and hope you’re sticking a limb out, or throw. A third option is starting a block string, but in that case, you’re blocking anyway. If they SRK, You’ve got time to get that mp, cr. mk xx scissors going when they land. If they go for a throw, you tech it. that resets the distance enough that they can’t jump at you: if they’re really just jumping, that means they’re going to jump BACK. In that case, early Bison standing roundhouse. If they DO jump at you, they’re going for a cross up. Dash forward and punish. If they block string, they get pushed out, they jump out, and you standing roundhouse. I don’t main Bison, but I play him occasionally, and this has worked for me.