How do I fight Cyke?

I’m having trouble with this match up. Cyke just has too much priority. What’s the best way to take him on?

If fierce bullets are giving you problems, either superjump roundhouse or jump fierce plus projectile assist. But it sounds like his priority is giving you problems, in which case I’m wondering how he’s getting close to you in the first place. Just keep him away and watch out for optic blasts and supers.

Actually, I meant to ask how I would rush Cyke down when he’s in the lead. Situational, like near the end of the match or something.

Urk. This is where things get more difficult. If Cyclops has the lead he’s perfectly content just standing there and you’re going to have no choice but to try to chip your lead back. Dropping roundhouse demons on him when he is pinned kind of works, but since he can still block it and not care, you got your work cut out for you.

Remember, though, Blackheart’s standing short is still hella long and has lots of priority, and eating too many of those can still pose a problem. So don’t count him out just yet.