How do i fight T.bonne



I have a prob with t.bonne she’s juz fucking annoying wats a best assist to counter her?I play people that uses mags/storm/tbonne wats a good assist to counter this team?


what kinda question is that?:lame: :lol:


Blackheart is bad on Tron assist abusers because BH depends on assists to actually do damage. I try to avoid the issue by starting someone else versus teams with Tron on it, getting the lead early and then just kicking back with BH.

vs. Mags/Storm/Tron, start someone who can deal with Magneto without relying on defensive assists. Storm is a good one to start. Once you carve out a good lead, you can basically bring in BH anytime to kick back. Bait out Tron and counter her with a good countercall (Commando); alternately, you can try to pin the point and punish the assist with Inferno xx HOD, call Storm (or any projectile assist) and land, then Inferno xx JD. This has holes in it, but they’re hard to spot, and if your opponent doesn’t, Tron is going to get seriously fucked up by this.

When fighting Storm, watch out for typhoon xx hailstorm. Storms like to try to use this to catch you throwing demons, so you can feint it and try to bait it out and get them to waste meter. Alternately, she can go for lightning attacks into lightning storm. You have to play Storm carefully if you’ve done well on the fight versus Magneto. Don’t give her ground and try to call your opponent’s actions.

Remember that you’re fighting Magneto and Storm, so there’s no shame in backtracking to give yourself more space. Remember to avoid the corner, though. And if you’re forced to call an assist, cover it with your roundhouse demons - they often go past Tron’s rings and hit her.