How Do I Fight Zero?

Just lost some matches to a team w/ zero on point w/lariat assist. Very salty.

Basically I have zero game plan for fighting against zero. Every time I try something new I get a healthy mixup that sure to kill my point character.

I play a Magneto/doom/wesker team and I have no idea what to do to keep zero out or get an opening against him. Whenever I’m in the air, I fear air throws and the raikousen. On the ground I get pinned down too easily and advancing guard is just an easy way to get caught pressing buttons. When I try to keep zero away from me on the ground the raikousen is still absolutely devastating. On my team, hyper gravs with magneto have too slow of a startup and the only time that works is when I get lucky. When I call doom for a plasma beam, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have no idea what to do against him, even when I put in doom for some lame out tactics his finger lazers get beat. Wesker’s gun is absolutely useless against zero, so basically I have nothing.

If all of that weren’t bad enough, when I fought zero with the Haggar assist, EVERYTHING he did was safe. I switched teams, used invincible hypers, but had no game plan. Any zero players out there willing to give up the secrets?

First of all Zero has no control of the screen above him. His only air projective fires downward so stay above him. You’re playing Doom right? Heavy Disruptor with Mags to protect (don’t use Beam) Doom Missiles then super jump and move in. The only thing Zero can do to beat Heavy Disruptor is to Lvl 3 buster and if you are airborn it’s really hard for Zero to hit you. Once you are in one hit with Mags will kill him. Overhead light or tridash c. L mix up him till you get a hit.

He obviously has haggar so as soon as you get your shot at the mix up if he blocks it I bet you he will call Haggar so back off disruptor and call doom again. Remember he can’t call asists in block stun.

Also Zero’s Air throw has crap range and does no damage and very few people can combo off of it so don’t be scared. Your magneto for god sakes.

Like I said Zero has trouble controlling the air. If you stay above him or at the same level as him in the air Mags will win. If you see him teleport at all from full screen to try to get in Shockwave will pick him out of the sky. Since he has Haggar his cross ups can only happen from close too. Mags wins that match clean as long as you understand where Zero is strong and where he is not.

Practice option selecting Zero’s teleport cross ups with throw. If you do it correctly especially as Magneto, you’ll get a free throw block the lariat assist and get a punish. This work on the air and on the ground.

Thanks! Didn’t expect such a quick reply.

Ok, no. Lemme write this out.

-In the air

Zero more or less has air superiority. His air normals, specifically air heavies, are pretty much unbeatable, and are the alternative option to any air throw attempt, and any hit from an air heavy AT ANY HEIGHT can lead to a full combo easy. You can not stay above Zero in the air. Super jump + H Hienkyaku lets Zero reach a height that almost no one can match, even double jumpers and air dashers can not reach that height. Because of the air dash and flight height limit, Magneto can not get on even ground with Zero in the air. Zero controls the air in this manor, so jumping Disruptors is not the answer.

What is the answer, is Magnetic Shockwave, AKA The Anti-Zero. If Zero is in the air and you don’t like it, Shockwave. The closer you are horizontally, the better, obviously. Hypergrav can also prove useful on a jumping in Zero, but you must be careful with it, and you must start it preemptively. It’s best to use an assist while using Hypergrav to protect Magneto better, but you don’t exactly have the best assists for those. (Iron-Man-b, for example.)

I would suggest using Hidden Missiles to keep Zero more cautious in the air. It’s a good assist in general too, and surprisingly good with Wesker as well (dirty command throw setups.) You’re going to have to be careful with this if Zero has meter to Level 3 or DHC to something, so only call the missiles when you think Doom will be safe. Use it properly and it will give Zero trouble. Any time I have to fight against Hidden Missiles, I do my best to avoid it outright, but because of this my movement becomes a little more predictable. If you know how Zero will avoid it, intercept and air throw, or something.

The big point is, do not fight against Zero in the air alone. You will lose. Be it from busters, air throws (which I CAN COMBO OFF OF BY THE WAY) or the dreaded air heavy. Have assists backing you up will make the fight better, just be careful so you don’t get caught with both of your characters in a combo. Be especially cautious of the level 3 buster here, since that will blow up both you and your assist if it hits.

The goal of all this is to either nab Zero out of the air with a comboable air throw, or to just keep him on the ground.

With Doom, it’s just not a great matchup. Spam as many Beams as you can, preferably Heavy, and back it up with Disruptor assist to add some durability to beat the Level 3 Buster. X-Factor Guard Cancel -> Level 3 is a good option though, abuse it. It’s worth it. You can throw your own Hidden Missiles if you need to, but that and Photon Shot isn’t going to do much to keep Zero out of the air.

With Wesker, hope for a good air throw, or get a good cross up with an assist into a combo. Once you’re in with Wesker, don’t let yourself out. Zero’s hard to catch when he’s moving. You also have the option to bait Zero into attacking and using your counters, or counter with something like a cross under into low B, blows up anyone.

-On the ground

Once Zero is otherwise scared into staying on the ground, it’s time to mix up. You don’t have a great assist to help with this, unless you want to change Missiles to Plasma Beam, then you can keep him grounded long enough to get a quick 50/50 in. But a well used Hidden Missile call can scare them into blocking for even longer, so it’s still not a bad choice. I would strongly suggest using Sentinel assist in this matchup overall.

All you need to know is Zero’s only way out of pressure is push blocking. His uppercut has no invincibility and is unsafe on block (Unless he has Dante, then may god help you.) Once you are in, do your best to stay in. Bait push blocks with frame traps, fly cancels, throws, unblockables with Wesker, whatever.

Zero’s big threat on the ground is the Level 3 Buster, but if you keep up the pace with Disruptors, you’ll probably end up hitting him and canceling his charge. If you know he’s gonna shoot the buster, just avoid it (or Gravity Squeeze if you’re super brave, but don’t.) Just keep up on the ground war using assists to slowly get closer. Stay at mid range, if you get to close, Zero can get behind you with a command dash forward which ruins your progress to corner him. Stay in the range where the air Hienkyaku M will end up, and if you think he’s gonna do it, air throw (or punish with a combo if he’s on the ground. If the Zero in question has Sentinel assist, god help you.

In neutral ground game, you’ll only have to worry about Zero’s superior normals. Use assists to help here to scare Zero into just blocking. Zero is far more comfortable in the air, be it normal jump height or super jump height. Keep him on the ground at all costs.


Zero is not really the world’s best Haggar user (Dante, Wesker, Sentinel…) But it’s still generically good for everyone. You’re just gonna have to go with basic anti-haggar strategies, that means baiting it, and punishing it with something like a Shockwave. Against any Haggar user, you’re going to want to go ahead and kill any character you catch. Letting go of a character with Haggar assist is a terrible idea, because you get no okizeme. If you catch Zero in a combo, kill him. And if you’re just not able to do that, think about snapping in Haggar, or picking a better team so you can Touch of Death properly. It’s important in the Haggar Team matchup.

If you catch Haggar as an assist, go for something simple like LMHS, super jump cancel Shockwave. If you feel like it, X-Factor and do it again. Figure out how much damage that does (depends on if point character is blocking or not) and see if it’s worth it. Always worth it to get rid of Haggar.


As you might expect, Haggar, Jill and or Tron assists do a pretty good job of forcing Zero to change his gameplan. If you’re good with your Tron/Jill/Haggar assists/counters, Zero is forced to play a zoning game, but he is very capable of this against certain characters. If you want a team made to blow up Zero (that doesn’t include Zero,) I would go with characters like Ammy (random Okami Shuffle works wonders, pressure is free due to blocking when air dashing (removed in UMvC3,)) Dormammu (well placed pillars will keep Zero out of the air, cr. M beats just about any jump in, flame carpet is good.) Magneto (THAT SHOCKWAVE UURRGHGH) Taskmaster (supposedly a good matchup for Taskmaster. It’s certainly not favorable for Zero.) Shuma (Mystic Ray keeps anyone out of the skies, good mixups. Underused/underrated but he can do it.) Jill (Machine gun spray super is amazing, mixups are too scary, cross over counter blows Zero up.) Viper (EX TK, EX Seismo, etc.) **Dante **(Acid Rain, Hysteric missiles, Jam Session (point and assist,) better normals, general top tier-ness.)

And of course, invincible assists are a big help against Zero’s pressure. Pinning assists are also good for any rushdown character, since some of the better ones almost ensure a combo on Zero, which will kill. Shuma assist and Hidden Missiles are good for keeping Zero out of the air. Any assist that can do this is good here too, espcially Dante since you can combo after Jam Session with a good handful of characters.


Zero is a top tier character. You’re going to have problems with him. That is reality. Even with characters that have good tools against him, you may still be in an unfavorable team-matchup. Zero does best in the air, and without good assists, he will stay up there. If you have a team made to beat him, obviously you’ll do better. If you’re sticking to your team, try out Hidden Missiles. Take advantage of every time Zero is on the ground. He can’t stay in the air forever. And most importantly, especially with Haggar in play, Kill Zero. Any time you catch him in a combo, kill him. He is a problem.

Hope that helps, if you have any more questions ask me.


Zero is a top tier character. You’re going to have problems with him. That is reality. Even with characters that have good tools against him, you may still be in an unfavorable team-matchup. Zero does best in the air, and without good assists, he will stay up there. If you have a team made to beat him, obviously you’ll do better. If you’re sticking to your team, try out Hidden Missiles. Take advantage of every time Zero is on the ground. He can’t stay in the air forever. And most importantly, especially with Haggar in play, Kill Zero. Any time you catch him in a combo, kill him. He is a problem.

Hope that helps, if you have any more questions ask me.

Thanks a lot! After thinking about what I could do with my team, I realized that what was beating me was zero’s insane air normals. Previously on my team I used hidden missiles but I switched to plama beam because doom kept getting beat up and it helps if wesker gets snapped in.

I really appreciate the extended reply. I’m actually a subscriber of yours on youtube and I’ve seen a lot of your matches starstruck. Zero’s mix-ups have always been a problem for me, and after today I had just about had enough.

If you play on XBL I can assess your problems more specifically. I’m on right now so let me know if you’re on.

Sorry, psn.

L disruptor.

When zero is using lariat assist it’s usually just a better idea to run honestly. If he doesn’t have lvl 3 buster charged you can poke at him with L disruptor for free from full screen.

I think changing the formation of your team would help too. Wesker actually does ALRIGHT against Zero if you use an assist to keep him locked down. If you can get him to block plasma beam you can teleport in without much worry. Or try switching to missle assist with doom and establish a full screen game. Respect haggar! Zero is also very Dependant on assists so try killing haggar by baiting him out. For example, use an assist to get in with wesker and then do nothing and wait for haggar. any smart zero player will also use an assist that covers the ground to cover his M teleport.if you can read the zero player well enough you can use the gun to hit the assist while calling as assist of your own to keep him locked down. Also, when magnus is on point an obvious counter is shockwave to all his hienkyaku bs. This is why I think it could help to put wesker in first so he can build meter for.

Also, wesker does gay damage for no almost no work, zero has low life, and yeah you can figure it out.

if you play on PSN what is it? I can play you and you can see what to do against my zero team.

PSN id is stinkflarb

Ok man i’ll be online. Will you be online around 10:15-10:30est? I’ll be having my dinner break around that time so I will more than likely be online. My psn is: I_Love_New_York

ggs man

Respect j.C and lvl 3 buster. Kill him when you touch him. If you can, keep him at full screen distance to force him to use Hienkyaku’s.

Best advice for Zero really.

Thanks for playing with me, I was really unfamiliar with zero pressure and mix-ups. I guess now I have a better idea of what to expect and what I can do. Although there wasn’t much that I did when we played together lol.

Magneto is like the one character who can shut down Zero. Basically, wait for him to do something in the air, Shockwave, XF, wavedash> Call Wesker>GGs.

I was playing against one of the locals the other day and he would wait till I hienkyaku’d, J.H’d, Raikousen’d, J.Buster, or whatever, shockwave in reaction and kill my Zero.

Other things that can give you an edge against Zero; Dante, Zero, Ammy(sword) and invincible assists

Keep Zero at full-screen away as best you can and dominate air space. My buddy runs Cap/Sentinel/Taskmaster with shield slash, drones, and up arrows for assists and it is very difficult for Zero to get in against that team. Also Doom/ Dorammu/Haggar makes life difficult for Zero. He has low health so chip him down and once he’s on the defensive and in the corner go for the kill. Beware of the lvl.3 buster if its fully charged and keep him at full screen. Zero can zone surprisingly well so this isnt as easy as it sounds. He has the best projectile in the game, and in sougenmu mode he can dash in behind a barrage of spam or just lock you down singlehandedly. Whatever you do kill him fast.

Pick a lame out team or generally don’t let him get in. If you let him close in don’t expect to win basically.

Just get really, really mad.

Hey quick question, do any of you guys want to play MvC3 on PSN with me? I’m going to be at a tournament next weekend and figure that I need to get some practice in! Thanks :slight_smile: