How do I finish this?


I am trying to study lighting, so I am looking at how light is shown on a basic object like a sphere and translate that to painting heads. the head is made up of many planes and light can bounce off of many places. How do I finish a pic like this without running into the ambigous lighting problem I have with my other pictures


This was the last pic i did before the two ryu ones



Quick paint over for ya.

How is a sphere shaded? Let’s take a look. Don’t forget about your different light “zones” Highlight, midtone, shadow core or “edge”, shadow, and reflected light.

Hehe, on another note, at a simplified form level, the head is really more boxy than it is spherical though :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


thnx for the help. I did these right before you posted your reply. is this more on the right track?