How do I fix a broken quick disconnect?


I was modding my Qanba Q4Raf, and I broke one of the quick disconnects by the start button. The QD broke in half. I’m thinking I can use electrical tape to tape it back together, will that suffice? Also, can someone recommend me an epoxy that I can get at a store to try to glue it back together? I’m not interested in getting a soldering iron or buying a .110 QD as the wire is super short and I don’t think I can recrimp it. Please let me know, thanks.


Time to face facts, you’re gonna need to crimp a new quick disconnect. If you don’t want to solder you could always use something like a scotchlok to extend your wiring.

If you want to go super ghetto for the time being, strip the wire and tape it. Or strip it, twist with some more wire, tape that, then tape it to the button connect if the wire really isn’t long enough. Don’t mess around with trying to glue together a broken QDC.

But really, you should do the right thing.


.110 quick disconnects and wire crimpers are both really cheap. I consider them mandatory if you intend on working inside a case.


You’re probably going to need one regardless…

  • cut off old broken QD from existing wire, strip off a few millimeters of insulation
  • get a new QD
  • cut a small section of random wire (about 1-2 inches), strip and crimp onto new QD
  • strip other end of wire a few millimeters
  • tin both exposed ends of wire
  • solder together
  • heat-shrink over the joint

With any type of glue or epoxy, you’re not going to guarantee yourself a solid, stable electrical connection.


A butt splice would do the job also if you’re terrified of soldering.


I don’t mean to defer you from the mod community but it would really be best to nut up and learn how to solder. It’s not that bad and several issues could be fixed instantly for less than a $1. Qds are dirt cheap.


size .110 and .187 quick disconnected are 10 cents each and I usually always buy extra.
A Cheap Crimper/ Striper tool can be purchased for $5 to $10, a professional crimper tool is $25 and up
A Decent soldering iron can be found for about $20,

Tools we expect those who are going to mod or repair arcade sticks to own/ have access to

Flat head screw driver
Philips screw driver
#0 Philips screw driver (for small screws)
jeweler size flat head screw driver (for small screws)
wire snip pliers
needle nose pliers
Utility Knife or Hobby Knife
Wire Stripers for 20 to 30/32 gauge wire.
Crimper for either insulated, non-insulated or open barrel terminals (like Quick disconnects)
Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron stand (keep your iron from rolling way, burning your table, floor basically good from keeping your house from burning down)
Multi meter
#3 metric hex key for Mad Catz TE top panel screws
#2.5 metric hex key for replacement Mad Catz top panel screws
Tweezers - the ones at the cosmetic isle at Walmart is fine.
Helping Hand - For soldering
Dremel with various cutting bits- for case modding and cutting
Solder socker or desoldering iron
desoldering braid

Optional -
Button nut wrench
nut socket driver
screw driver with exchangeable screw bits
Game Bit screws/ security screw bits used on various controllers and consoles.
Power Drill
24mm drill bit
30mm drill bit
(can be foster, step drill or hole saw bits, spade bits can use used for wood).
wrenches - various
Ratchet set
Allen key (hex key) set in both SAE and Metric sizing
brass sponge (for soldering)


Time to break this account in I guess…

Broke in half how? OP didn’t provide a picture so I’ll presume the ferrule (crimped part) broke off and the spade receptacle is intact…

EZ-ghetto style would be to strip the wire a few millimeters back and insert it into either side of the spade receptacle (the curled over part) and kluge it onto the spade with a slight application of force (read: carefully but with some force, press it on, you may need pliers). The QD should be soft enough to deform slightly. NOTE: this may bind, in which case, don’t force it too hard, if you slip up and break the spade off you’re looking at a new microswitch. Also, this might not last, depending on deformation of the QD it might pop off at any time. Right in the middle of a tournament by my reckoning.

If you have some metal left on the ferrule of the QD you may be able to fold it over the wire and crimp with some pliers.

I don’t recommend either method (apart from maybe crimping QDs with channel lock pliers, if you have nothing else on hand) but for emergency repair it can work. As Darksakul, and others above have said, QDs are cheap and available just about anywhere. Go buy some.


You’re honestly best with learning to solder it back on. It’s not expensive to pick up a cheap soldering iron + solder, it’s really not all that difficult to learn,and it’s the cleanest, and most effective method of repairing it.

You can pick up QDs pretty cheap anywhere, especially online.