How do I fix this? (MadCatz TE Stick)


As you can see I’ve tried soldering (a shitty job at that) but it’s not adhering to the plate or the backing. No idea what to use to fix it, besides buying a new stick.


Yeah. You are not going to be able to solder that holder back into place. You can not bond 2 pieces of steel with solder. Solder works for small pieces of tin, aluminum, zinc, silver and copper NOT STEEL.
You will have to do one of the following
1.Weld it back into place
2. Drill holes and use bolts and nuts
3. Use a 2 part epoxy like JB Weld

Protip: if you are going to weld or epoxy the holder back onto the plate, you might want to clean up that surface, do some sanding so you can make a nice bond.


Appreciate the info, quite a bit actually. I think I’ll give epoxy a shot. The JB Kwik is weaker but I’m wondering if its good enough. I may just do JB Weld to be safe.


If you cannot weld then use countersunk bolts instead. Use the four holes already made in the flat part of the mounting bracket as a guide - mark out each hole with a pen then use an HSS drill bit. Take off the TE art panel first.

I’ve tried epoxy putty before and it just didn’t hold.