How do I fix typing lag?

everytime someone types or i type, it lags up the game and i gotta wait for like 20 seconds before it goes away…

Any particular game?

i only play 3rd strike online, thus, it has only happened with 3rd strike but i figure it happens with every game… not too sure

you should try it on another emu or something…or if anything just re download mame…or you rly want to just start from scratch and re download everything…but hey what do i know…you could change the speed of the text in the mame tab i believe…

make the switch to nfba

i don’t think its the emu’s problem seeing how i’ve played with most of you and you guys don’t seem to lag when you type, only me =\

That was the trick for mame 0.64k, but I looked around abit and couldn’t find the same option in 117, didn’t bother checking 119.

i had the same problem on MAME 117 and 119, also with the first few releases of fba. switched to nfba and voila, no more typing lag.