How do i get around Chris's lying shot + sentinel force?



I was playing online when i came across a team of Chris, Sentinel, and i believe doctor doom.
I was playing with zero, Deadpool, and Frank West.
At the start of the match he proceeded to spam his lying down shot combined with sentinel force assist. Since the shot hits low i couldn’t get a super jump in and i was in complete lockdown from having to block them both. This led to me eating more chips than Im proud to say. I some how managed to pull Deadpool’s mid air happy happy trigger a couple times but it want enough to take either of them out. Needless to say, without a way to get to him i was eating chips until i lost. So is there any way to get around this duo?


You can super jump in between the shots rather easily so I guess it was just the lag you guys may have faced or you just weren’t timing the jump right. If you go into training mode and record Chris lying down and shooting, you’ll see how easy it is to escape.