How do I get around Haggar's lariat assist?



It seems damn near impossible to rushdown with my opponent’s Haggar on assist. I’m mainly using Zero and it seems the only viable option I get is to projectile all day. Any advice on how to get around double lariat?


Snap in haggar and rush that shit down


you can bait it and duck under it. he loses life everytime he comes out so you can also bait the opponent into using it too much until haggars life is too low for them to take the risk of bringing him out again.

haggar’s also a threat with the right assist so snapping him in right away might not be the best idea as you also lose a meter. but it is a good idea when his life is low from being used too much.


If you snap him in he’ll just pipe you to death.


Haggar seems to be a character that you have to learn to fight. Just like in the Sentinel video he’s not a character you can just throw ABC at when u get close and expect results.

One of my friends plays a decent Haggar and whether he’s on point or assist its just a matter of being patient and making good reads. If they wanna spam Haggar assist anytime they feel they’re in trouble while they’re blocking or running around that’s fine just let them do it. Even though you wont be able to hit Haggar or the point character he isn’t doing much but wasting his health. Your best bet immediately is to wait for Haggar to assist with lariat…then rush down as fast as you can before he can be available to use again. If you can land a hit before he is able to be used again or before he gets called again you can land a big combo and get the momentum you need. If it’s some time into the fight and he’s already brought down some of his health by spamming lariat assist it’s probably not a bad idea to snap him in so you dont have to fight a 1.2 million health Haggar. The best part of lariat assist is probably the tech traps he can create off of air throw setups. Try to stop the air throw get hit by lariat. Just general spamming of lariat assist isn’t that terrible to deal with though. He’s losing health any way.

Fighting Haggar on point IMO is basically just a combination of what you know and how your point character and overall team matches up against him. The first thing to know about fighting Haggar is that when you get in…he’s like Vanilla Gief. You can’t just do shit cuz you got close to him. It’s fucking Haggar from Final Fight. When you played Final Fight and 3 or 4 guys ganged up on your Haggar what did you do? Yeah you fucking lariated them away. As cheesy as it sounds just pretend you’re one of the bad guys ganging up on Haggar and remember that if you do get in it’s not always wise to just start doing stuff. That is unless you know what your character can do.

Generally if you’re going to just rush in on Haggar the best thing to do is stop and wait for lariat first. If it’s a bad Haggar they’re just going to throw out lariat as soon as you get close, no questions asked. They just want you away and they want that free ass super they get for landing lariat. Which is something even Vanilla Gief wished he had. If you get him to lariat and you stayed crouch blocking you’re pretty much good. Most characters can crouch under lariat and if he tries to cancel into the punch rush super just start pressing any attack button during the freeze. Once the freeze is over you’ll realize the punch super has no priority and can just hit him out of it into free combo. Most Haggars will at least try to do a super cancel on a whiffed lariat cuz it works on people that dont know you can just mash through it. If they just sit there and whiff the lariat they’re going to get punished huge so they usually do something. In reality on a whiffed lariat the only thing a Haggar player can do safely is spend 2 meters to cancel into punch rush super then cancel that into another safe DHC like hail storm or kitty helper. If they dont have a DHC that’s safe Haggar has no choice but to get hit or burn 2 meters to stay safe or burn 2 meters and get his partner hurt by a big combo instead. Test out your normals against Haggar lariat also. Wesker’s c.L and c.M go completely under the hit box of lariat so you can pretty much just mash c.L once you get close to Haggar and if he wants to spin lariat you’ll punish him for free combo.

As far as most average Haggars the only other thing you really have to worry about is pipe. Everybody hates pipe because it’s like a half screen version of Vega’s claw that basically puts you in a ground bounce situation that somebody in a coma could combo off of. If you dont lose half your life from getting hit by Haggar’s pipe it’s pretty much a miracle. Hard to hit + huge damage on hit = people get scared. Generally though they had to make the grappler type characters this way because like in the older Marvel games if the grappler didn’t really have much but grab and a sub par lariat they pretty much just got beat up all day.

The first thing you want to learn about dealing with pipe is the easiest way to do it is just have a fucking team of characters that can shoot at it all day. Like if your team is on some Noel Brown shoop da whoop shit just create a firing range and shoot at him all day. Without an assist Haggar can’t really do much about beams or fireballs other than drop kick to roll or super jump and pray you dont move way. Of course not everyone plays a team of completely lame star wars characters so you’re better off learning what to do specifically. Some general options to get around Dat Pipe is to air throw him if he gets to close with a regular jump forward pipe or wave dash behind the hit box of the pipe and anti air with a c.L or c.M or whichever of your normals is capable of doing so. Another general way is to basically jump and attack him before he can start it up. Any air normal or special which has long range like Wesker’s air H or Chun Li’s lightning legs is good for this. Wesker will get hit out of the air H of course if he does it too late but his air H has such ridiculous range that he can just jump and use it pre emptively against pipe and will beat the start up easily. Chun Li’s air legs have a broke ass hit box that even pipe has trouble hitting.

From there it’s best to just record Haggar jumping around with pipe in training mode and seeing what works. Once you learn all of your options for dealing with pipe you just have to figure when he’s going to use pipe and use the correct counter. If you’re not in range to use a counter just block…then advance guard. You just have to be weary not to advance guard it too often or you’ll push yourself too close to the corner where Haggar becomes pretty dangerous. Haggar’s pipe is his only way of controlling space outside of assist so if u learn your options for shutting out obvious use of it he becomes more tolerable. If Haggar didn’t have pipe or lariat he would be just as shit as the former grapplers in marvel. Once you shut all of that out it’s only inevitable they have to play smarter and he becomes easier to fight.


duck under haggar and hit him when his animation is over


^that’s what I’ve been doing.


Grab when you think lariat is coming. Makes it whiff.


hitting low as possible with slides and etc. or just doing the old random hyper into him. always works against tron. always works against haggar


dont stand next to them…


All of that sounds good until you get hit with the Lariat > Rush Super > XFACTOR > Lariat > lvl 3 “mixup”. :rofl:


well what you said doesnt work unless in corner but lariat into x factor S M H down H S or L hoodlum launcher M M s into drop kick then super is much easier and works more often in x factor 2 and 3
(dont know how to get the umvc3 inputs)


Pretty much what people said just duck or bait it then punish…still getting used to the assist with Phoenix Wright


Oh good old vanilla lariat thread


Haggar pisses me off 4 realz.<br>