How Do I Get Better At Dr. Doom

I’m pretty new to Umvc3. I have a decent fightstick. I can do some footdive combos in the corner during training, but every time i play against computers or online players I find myself mashing the buttons. How can i get better at this game. I get frustrated easily when i lose.

keep doing what you’re doing.

can i get some other tips?

Make sure your opponents have been foot doven.

It seems like you don’t have much experience with fighting games so it probably just seems like a blur to you. You’ll need someone to sit down with you personally and figure things out if it’s that confusing.

Don’t practice against the computer to start, it’s just going to give you bad habits. It’s okay for practicing hit confirms and punishes but you’re not there yet.
Combos are important in this game, but they’re irrelevant if you can’t get a hit, and even more irrelevant if you can’t stop getting hit, so try to focus on other stuff.
Practice moving around with Doom a bit. He’s weird to control compared to other characters since he has no wave dash, so get used to tri-dashing with him, using flight, etc. Try using your other characters’ assists with him (what is your team, btw?).
Otherwise, look up some tutorials online, check out the Dr. Doom-specific sub-forum, and just play a lot. It’s hard to stop getting frustrated when you lose, but try to look at everything as a learning experience. Oh, and try to play with people offline if possible, you’ll learn a lot more at a faster rate.

I currently use Zero/Doom/Amaterasu
Every time i play with this team, i end up getting both zero and doom killed in the beginning and amaterasu dealing with the whole enemy team

In Marvel you need to make sure you’re always doing something, be it attacking, blocking, placing projectiles, executing movement or calling assists. There’s very few moments in Marvel like there are in Street Fighter where you’re reasonably safe and free to move around without worry; there’s always something happening and you need to be one step ahead of the opponent at all times.

I suggest you start watching some streams and some high level matches to learn the pace of the game, without some prior knowledge this game can seem very perplexing and it isn’t always obvious what you need to be doing. Observe how characters use their tools for spacing (for example Doom’s pea shooter gun or horizontal foot dive) and try and apply that to your own play style. Try to work on ground and air movement and just practice air dashing around the screen, trying to develop your skill to become faster and more precise with each session. Also try and learn how to call assists better in situations where they can’t be punished and use them in combination with everything to maximize your presence on screen and your over all ability to apply safe and effective pressure.

I’m not going to lie to you, Marvel is quite a difficult game to learn, but it’s a lot of fun when you know how. Just take it slowly and try on work on every aspect of your game to maximize your potential, not just combos.

Oh wow, that’s a really good team. Learning Marvel includes a lot of losing at first, but stick with this team, learn all three characters (none of whom are really easy to play effectively), and you’ll be set. Learning Doom/Ammy alone gives you an amazing shell you can stick most any character in front of and always have an amazing team.

I definitely agree with Demon Dash about watching a lot of Marvel. Make a point of watching a Japanese player named Frieda, who for the past few months has been running your team to some success.

After watching many videos of zero, i feel like he is such a hard character to master. I feel like changing zero to nova. Good idea or not?

Nova’s a good beginner character. Check the Nova forums on here, everyone’s really friendly and there’s good resources.

Also Nova/Doom/Ammy is a great team though not that many people play it, just me and a few other people. But it’s one of Nova’s best teams for sure.

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I need help with the doom mid screen combo. After the first rep of foot dive, i can never triangle jump fast enough to the enemy to continue the combo!

any more tips???

Practice! Just sit there for an hour doing tri jumps over and over. Start slow, feel the stick, feel the buttons and just try and tri jump from one side of the screen and back without execution errors. Then slowly pick up the speed, try and do it a little bit faster, and a little bit faster untill you are able to quickly get from one side of the screen to the other and back without fucking it up. It’s all about muscle memory, you need to have the technique ready at your finger tips before you can properly apply it in combos or matches and it helps to just start slow and build up the pace until the execution is there and it feels more natural to you.

For doom’s mid screen footdive footdive combo,every time i dash diagonal down i can never land fast enough for the tri jump. Why is that?

i went online to search it up. am i supposed to tap medium when im diagonal dashing down?

Yeah. Whiffing buttons during downward descents (including air dashes) makes you fall faster.

Ok first off here’s the combo.

c.L, c.H, S, sj.M [2 hit], sj.M [1 hit], f+H, S, ad/df~sj.M [whiff], nj/uf~ad/df, s.M, f+H, sj.M [2 hit], sj.M [1 hit], f+H, S, ad/df~sj.M [whiff], nj/uf~ad/df, s.M, f+H, sj.M [2 hit], sj.M [1 hit], f+H, S, ad/df~sj.M [whiff]

Remember that after the foot dive in the air you have to air dash down forward and whiff M to land faster, you then normal jump up forward and tri jump to move closer to land the M, f+H to pick them up again. Practice the combo in the corner, it’s easier to learn as the inputs are the same and give you the same results both in the corner and mid screen. If you’re struggling still take my above advice, it is how I learned.

Hey thanks very much i can finally do it in training mode! Now i just need to use the combo in a real match

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