How do i get better at sagat?

So i just got into this game as my first real fighting game. I even bought a se arcade stick. I’m looking to mod that asap for sanwa parts and yes i do intend to play this for a long time. Thing is, seeing as how this is my first fighting game, how do i go about getting better at a character? I chose sagat as my main character. I’m also stuck on trial 7 for sagat. I don’t really know what it’s asking. Can somebody help?


Learn his pokes, learn what’s safe and what’s not, learn how to zone, learn his weaknesses and how to overcome them and learn matchups. That’s mostly it.

Spam tiger shots more.

Just watch good matches and try to implement some of their tactics. But more importantly play. Offline. Get as much real experience as you can, and you’ll get better in time.

Exactly. I have no idea why people can’t figure out a basic Ryu or Sagat. Projectile a lot, UPPARCUT, repeat. That’s his most basic gameplay.
Read the wiki for sf4. go to event hubs. read sonic hurricane’s articles. read domination 101. practice combos and tactics in training mode. go test yourself in a player match or 10. find your mistakes. go back to training mode. elminate them. go back to matches. repeat the first few steps. evolve.
A basic tiger pattern would be to throw two low slow tigers then throw a medium or fierce high, then alternate. If they jump, uppercut or hk.

This is ridiculous. Fuckin’ practice man.

I think you need to understand timing of how to link moves first, cause obviously being stuck in trial 7 means something.

Some of these morons don’t take the time and try to understand what you may need help on, did you guys read it’s his FIRST fighting game, and is stuck on trial seven? Obviously he doesn’t know timing, your telling him to learn something kind of advance when he doesn’t know the very basic.

What’s ridiculous a lot of you dick heads know what the thread is going to be about and instead of helping, you say shit like “I’m tired of these threads blah blah”

Don’t read it, and go somewhere else with your time, it seems like your just going to be assholes just cause you’re behind a keyboard.

better yet, why lurk around noob forums if your going to be a smart ass.

You didnt help much. You just came in here to argue. You could have at least left something like this…

Because it entertains. What I want to know is why everyone needs a hand holding. This shit is basic stuff here. Fuck man, my first fighting game didnt have training mode or even a moves list. I had to keep practicing and keep playing and figure that shit out without anyone holding my hand. It takes practice!

Yeah you’re right I did, which entertains me. What’s not really helping though is that you posted a trial video which it explains nothing, he probably needs help in linking moves, but I’m still new to the game too, so I can’t really explain what to do in a simpler form, but drizzt is right on one thing, go in training and practice and try to figure out 2 in 1 combos, cause thats the main thing to know at start. <-- read some terms if you’re unfamiliar. it’s much more helpful than a trial video.

vesperarcade’s trial videos on youtube helped me when learning timings on the links because they show the players hands and you can hear the button presses. [media=youtube]dhi_-P3b1TQ[/media] other than that, learn techniques like plinking and double taps, get your execution down before you move to advanced tactics. If you can’t do at least most of the trials for your main character then you probably won’t get very far.


Thanks guys for the help =)

i got sagat to b rank with a lot of learning lol. i still suck at him tho(droped toa bout 3500 after b) because i find a lot of his stuff is still about taking chances and i forget how to play him half the time. :slight_smile:

main thing is dont rush and tiger spam, make sure you control the area not them! and dont use the low tiger spams unless they are far away, use the high ones because they let ya recover faster. and use his pokes when ya can, good frame traps!

Tiger shot.

You win.