How do I get better? Older Brother keeps beating my ass

Okay, so I’ve been playing SSFIVAE for some time now and my older brother, who used to play the old SF games, has always been better than me. But maybe a couple of months ago I finally got up to his level and when we played it usually ended up 50/50 but since then he hasn’t played but I did. Today he asked if I wanted to play so I did, and he destroyed me. I feel like I haven’t progressed at all, how am I supposed to get better? When I play ranked matches I win like 1 in every 10 fights and it’s been like that for a while but I never seem to improve, most of the times I do win it’s usually against someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing anyway. How do you guys improve? Should I just keep playing ranked matches? I’ve put in over 80hours of playtime yet I’m still only a D rank, is it possible fighting games like SF just aren’t for me? Help me out here guys.

Stop pushing buttons and block more until they fuck up enough so you can go in.

I play as Akuma though? I mean, shouldn’t I be more aggressive?

It seem you are having fun. And if so, I would say that fighters are for you :slight_smile:

Firstly, to improve you need to decide that your are going to. Are you doing dtuff that you now gets punished alot? If so, stop that. You also need an idea why you lost. Did I not anti air good enough? Did I drop my combos? Was i going in to hard? Stuff like that.

Its also imporrtsnt that you have a gameplan. What do I want to do.
Why am i throwing fireballs? To frustrate him and make him jump, get impatient.
He jumped, and I was able to anti air. What do I do now? What did I do last time, what should I do this time.

Its also easier to know what went wrong, if you have a good idea what you need to do.

If I May ask, who fo you play?

Pleas excuse any spelling errord writing this on a ipad, and since i like to live dangerous, i am not going to read through.

I’m not too sure what you were asking there lol but I’m guessing you were asking which character I main? If so, Akuma. Thanks for the tips but I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong tbh, I might have to go check out some of my replays.

You should check out your replays :slight_smile: Akuma is hard to play aswell.

Akuma has alot of toos, both in offense and defense. So you should adjust it sometimes, just to annoy your opponent, and throw him off. Check out some top akuma players, and see what they are doing.
Top players like, infiltration, tokido, and others. Try to figure out if you do alot of unsafe moves, and find out if you maybe are to predictable. Also, do you know you bread and butters?

Just because you use a more offensive characters does not mean you should just push buttons 24/7 and forgo everything else.

I know it but I can never pull it off in a fight

Thats what you should focus on fornyour next matches ^^ Fuck winning who cares about that, get happy if you hit your nice combo once! I promise you, it wil get easier, you are practicing getting your mind into the game.

Ignore combos for now.
Learn how to effectively zone, learn how to effectively play footsies, learn how to block, learn spacing, Learn how to effectively anti air, uhhhh, I know im missing more shit, but combo’s should be the last thing you bother learning when what I mentioned above is far more important to beat into your head first.

admit it! he bullied you in the past and you are scared of him!

On behalf of older brothers everywhere I’d just like to say you will never beat us. We were born to be better than you at everything and you just have to learn to deal with it :wink:

Kidding! My little brother wipes the floor with me at guitar hero. Why? Because he’s taken the time to learn the game. Putting in hours is one thing, but it’s what you DO with those hours that counts. If you’re losing a lot in ranked, step back and try player matches, or just playing in the training room, some things won’t be learned simply by playing people who are better than you, you need to ramp it up at a pace that matches your learning. When you come across somebody who’s at a similar skill level to you in a match, consider firing them a message or a friend request, then learn to outclass them and move it up a notch :slight_smile: you’ll get there!

Post replays of your matches. Whatever is easiest. It can be as simple as pointing a video recorder at your TV and uploading to YouTube. it will be difficult to give you advice without seeing how you play first.

please ignore the suggested stuff about “just try to land a combo.” that is a not a great approach to learning.

From my experience, he is meant to be played from a more aggressive standpoint so yes. But the thing is that he has the lowest/2nd lowest health in the game. If you fuck up being aggressive you eat major damage. You have to be smart and recognize your chance to get in a hit, not just run in hitting buttons hoping that they stop blocking for some god forsaken reason.


Akuma has 2 of the best defensive moves in the game. You’ll find a lot of people don’t know how to react to a backwards jumping fireball or a teleport from Akuma. Use these when under pressure and you’ll find the match will slow riiiiiight down for you.


I rest my case.

Mash on sweep at neutral. Just spam it like an idiot. If he starts focusing, hit If he jumps, hp uppercut or cr.hp him. If he does some weird poke you don’t know how to beat, just throw fireballs at it.

It’s good to know that your character requires you to play aggressively.
But it’s better to know when you should be aggressive.

The hard thing about Akuma is that you need to time your aggression or you’ll just leave yourself open to be punished all day. Dive kick too high? Get punished. Don’t hit confirm and just do something, get punished. Do anything unsafe, hay-maker-like, and you’ll get punished for it. You have to know this because his health is so low. If your brother is playing more defensively, that’s the reason he’s beating you.

You know what, at least you have a brother that plays fighting games with you. I had to beg my younger brother for practically a whole year to play SSFIV with me. He’s not interested in fighting games at all.

Finally after tons of pleading, he asked for suggestion of a character to start of with. I recommended Dhalsim for his long-reaching normals and after 2 rounds he switched to Guile while I patiently explained the charge characterisics of Guile.

10 mins later he abandoned the game never to pick up a fighting game again. You’re lucky you have an older brother to practice with.

general guidelines to getting better at AE.

learn to block. go games without dp and you will eventually get the feel for what theyre trying to do.

dont force things. you want to learn how to get in? just spend a few games and see how the people you’re facing play their games. at low level people jump in. after that point you can try to analyze how people at that level usually play and just dont jump forward.

dont expect your combos to hit if you dont know how to get in.