How do I get better? (Super)

I know how to do my main’s combos but it’s no use if I can’t touch the other player if they use someone with a fast backwards walk speed like Adon,Chun and Rog

I play the game like at 12 hrs a day but I don’t seem to be getting better at all

you have it so, so wrong. you need to learn how to think.

Hmm, you have it backwards. First you learn to touch the other player and then you learn to combo them. In between both of these, you learn how to not get hit.

So how do I touch the other player and think and not get hit then?

Know when to space yourself at safe distances, recognize when to punish, block correctly.

I still don’t know how to think

Spacing won’t help at all if I can’t get near the opponent

Don’t worry about combos at first.

What I did to get better was I first focused on blocking. You can’t win without defense (unless you’re playing a scrub) so you should work on that first. I don’t really care much about win percentages so I would just try to survive as long as I could. Once I felt comfortable with my defense, I started to learn how to space myself properly for pokes and such. After that, it was combos, then after that it was punishes.

A lot of people make the mistake of learning combos first. Combos are completely useless if you never get an opportunity to pull them off in a match. You need to learn how to find openings for your combos. New players tend to go straight to training mode, do a combo 5 times and jump online and try to force it.

This is pretty much truth but I think Sonic is looking for a a little more…

Spacing: This is important. If you hang out at full screen against most projectiles characters, they will bait you with fireballs all day long until you jump in then they will AA you (this is a crude simplification, at best) Whereas you don’t wanna be anywhere near a grappler like Gief. This is why the training mode has those little lines on the floor and background, so you can test ranges and be able to quantify them. Learn how to stay just out of arm’s reach, but close enough for your character to be effective (read your character’s thread for this)

Punishing: This is where you might wanna take a peek at frame data. For example, If I’m playing against Ken and he HP SRKs, it starts up in 3 frames and takes 30 to recover. If you block, you have 30 frames to punish. Look up your character’s frame data and find out which move comes out in less than 30 frames, and you’ve got a punish. This can get a lot deeper with one-frame windows of opportunity and blockstun, etc…

Block: This is important as a blocked move that’s slow can be punished when blocked. But also, force your opponent to block using block strings. This will keep them on the defensive and if you can mix it up and make them block high and low, you’re bound to land a hit confirm that will allow you to roll right into your combo. Pepper in some throws since you will grab a blocking opp. and you’ll leave them guessing.

P.S. you might wanna be careful posting things like “I still don’t know how to think” around here…

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Anyhow, I tried blocking everything but now I keep getting thrown, I can deal with that since I know online screws with my timing but whenever I try to attack it leads to me getting hit, so far I see no good reason to do anything but turtle in this game, how do I attack without getting hit

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