How do i get better?

Hey all ive had my arcadestick for about a week now And i like it only thing is ive been practising in SFv im not good at all cant rly do all those flashy combos but i did improve compared to day one And now but i seem to be stuck like i seem to not get any better like i hit a wall, online i get destroyed And my connection is horrible im moving within 2 months so i was thinking just to practise in that time but when i play against moving target it gets pretty hard to do any combos should i be practising against moving CPU or keep practise on a standing still dummy like i said i dont seen to get any better what can i do to improve?

I’d love to help but that is completely unreadable.

I bought a stick.
I improved only a little.
My Internet is bad.
I’m moving house in 2 months.
My biggest rival is the CPU.

I typed this on my phone And it tends to auto correct english words to Dutch but what i was trying to say is i just got a stick got a little used to it And i inproved but now i seem to be stuck as in im not getting any better even tho im still horrible i did improve but now i seem to not improve anymore not sure what to do to get better should i be practising against a moving dummy? Cause most of my practising is against a dummy CPU thats standing still And when i join a game with movement it tends to be super hard to do what i learned ,online is not an option right now since my wifi is shared with 10 people but i am moving so soon enough i can game online but in the mean time how And where should i practise because if its up to me im not improving
Sorry for the long sentances im kinda in a hurry now And im doing this on a small touch screen phone…

the same way you get better in all things which encounter you during your live…practice!

use the standing cpu just as long as you dont get your combos out every time.
after that let it move around and start with a easyer cpu level to practice on a moving opponent.

at the end you have to play against humans to get better so jump into ranked/causal and try to practice there too.
dont concentrate on the win…concentrate to land that one combo you want to land.

read this and apply its concepts to sfv

Ive already read all the beginner guides And video’s And tutorials thats why im asking here for help, i even know all the frames ,punishing,frame data all that stuff , its just i hit a wall it seems like And its still in a beginner fase so what should i do ? Im sure you have all been here? I just got into fighting games in 2015

There aren’t really any flashy combos you need to know in this game. If you’re just getting into fighting games this is a good one to start with. Which character do you prefer and what are you having trouble with specifically in matchups? Best keep your feet on the ground and not jump early on. Learn to walk around and press buttons without using jumps to apply pressure so you don’t get anti aired alot. You can apply jumping to your game later.

You’re probably being overly aggressive.

Play, you need experience. Just like a RPG!

Novel concept: Play against people.

Like i said to play against people is have to wait till i move first in 3 months internet not good enough here its shared so my options are single play training for when i do go online

Then you have to wait it out until your online situation is better…or find a local offline group to practice with on your free time.

You aren’t going to get better if the opponent/CPU is doing nothing…playing with upped difficulty CPU can only level you up so far.

You aren’t going to get better if your internet is crap.

Don’t know what else to tell you…

I am in the same exact position as you, having my first arcade stick ever, and trying to actually get good at Street Fighter.
Performing my combos on moving targets is hard for me too, but I’m slowly getting better.
It’s obvious what we must do, and that’s practice practice practice!!!
Practice against the standing still CPU, practice against CPU set at various skill levels, practice against recorded actions on the CPU, and practice against real people, both local and online. Everything!
Practice and patience.

Who is your main which Char is best for beginner?

My main is Ken. I’ve heard Cammy is great for beginners.

Ive used ken a bit i like him but i want to try others too maybe ill find one i like more i heard to stay away from charge chars for now untill i get the feeling of the game more not sure who to start with ryu is just like ken only little different i kinda want some one completely diff maybe Nash not sure if hes good for beginner tho would love to play bison but no one recommand him for starting out sonim staying away from.him for now… Hmm maybe cammy? But she has no projectile i would just get zones over And over idk whos left maybe Vega? Lol i just need some advise

Cammy has a v skill that allows her to go though opponents fireballs and land a punch on them. Also she has Canon spike and great mobility to allow her to get in range quickly when needed.
I think you should try everyone.

I think Birdie is the best beginner character for SF5 imo. He doesn’t have to commit much, has strong pokes, can slowly walk forward, good specials that can trick even good opponents. Cammy is another character that’s easy to pick up with her good buttons and simple moves that can lead to huge damage combos. Since they’ve changed her super motion to qcf,qcf she’s really easy to combo supers into now. It’s no problem to do s. mp, s. fp, dp+mk,qcf+mk and do her optimum dmg combo now.

I would definitely start with those 2 chars, not Ryu.

I might be biased because I play Ken but I feel like he is really bad as a start up character in SFV. Most of his damages come from quite hard hit confirms for example.

Birdie is very “easy” as a start-up character yes but I’d still recommend Ryu even if he is harder. I think he still teaches more fundamentals.

This is only is you dont love one character, if you love a character play him.

Find your local fgc scene, and try to play with them locally
Ask questions and tips more then likely they will be more then willing to help