How do I get into fighting games?


Ever since I saw an evo 2012 stream I’ve wanted to start playing fighting games. I’m interested in MVC, but I don’t own a console. I’m considering purchasing a ps3 or 360 just to play this game, but I have a few questions. Does this game have a high playerbase on consoles or are fighting games only popular in arcade / houses?

I don’t know anyone who’s into fighting games, will it be too hard to learn if I play alone? I live in a large city so there might be a scene here, but I don’t know how to find it.


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You basically need two things: the equipment to practice with and people to practice with.

If you’re serious about getting into fighting games, you’ll need to get a system to practice on. The Xbox 360 is probably the more popular console for online, but I always suggest people get whatever is more popular locally. Both systems have decent player bases, but local games are vastly preferred over online.

Also one thing to keep in mind, if you have a HD TV you bought without gaming in mind, it might be very laggy. Check out the tech talk forum in SRK for more information.

To find locals near you:


There’s a high playerbase for console players…online and offline. Well offline depends on the area.

Not really going to get into which console is better for you.
I usually say get the one the most of your friends use…but you don’t know anyone.
You might have to research on your own.

You can play against online opponents…but I suggest reaching out to an offline gathering. You can learn more, and meet other players in your area.

Edit: Like Trouble Brewing said…meeting with locals can help in your decision on which console you get if your main focus is fighting games.


If you’re planning on playing with the default controller, PS3 is the way to go. XBOX controller is ass. If you’re going to buy a fight pad or arcade stick (I recommend the arcade stick), the differences between consoles are really too small matter.

I don’t have anyone to play with locally either. My experience with fighting games has been purely though online (PSN), but I’ve never had a problem with it. However, judging by how people react to me when I say that I can play online, I apparently have cosmic, online-playing abilities that the average person does not possess.


I bought a fight pad during evo. I’d love to use a stick, but unless I can find a nice deal for a console I probably won’t be able to afford one for awhile.


Get a PS3. I had gold membership for over 5 years and that’s basically an extra $300 for nothing. Also make sure to get warranties those consoles break down on you. Sticks are overpriced boxes you should just get a fight pad.

If your talking about UMvC3, when I think of a high player base I think Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Runescape or Maple Story. UMvC3 has a player base just not a big one.


At this point in the life cycle get both systems and a multi-console stick, or a 360 stick and take it to a major. and have it modded by Ducky. The main reason to get both is since it looks like you will be the seed that builds your local scene that no matter what console your friends that you convert to fighters (or new friends you make through fighting games) you can host casuals with ease.


You dont get into fighting games. fighting games get into you


Make sure that you have a spare Ethernet cable lying around. If you play online then a wired connection from your router to the console is essential. Wireless connection will give you a dodgy online experience. I don’t think the Xbox 360 Arcade model ( the one with a 4 GB hard drive ) comes with a ethernet cable, but the elite 360 model does.


Is this Soviet Russia now? xD


First off, welcome to SRK! :3

Now to answer your question, the best way to get into fighting games is to choose a type of fighting game you wish to play. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 isn’t “hard” to get into but it’s one of those games where there’s a lot going on in the screen at the same time. Id recommend you start off playing a simpler more technical game and understand basic concepts of fighting games that will evolve your talents in other fighting games as well over time. However, there are people who do just fine without having playing previous fighting games. Also understand unlike other genres of gaming, fighting games are going to eat up a lot of your time in the learning curve. Especially in marvel where you don’t understand why you lost… At the beginning. You’ll indefinitely do your fair share of raging but once you learn the core mechanics of marvel, you’ll win games.

Things you will need:
Controller: preferably a arcade stick

I don’t know what your budget is like, but I’d you’re just starting out, I’d recommend starting off a stick instead of learning the cheap pad method. Reason being is because for one, you can play in a arcade setting (If they ever release marvel for arcades lol), two: you can do advanced techniques a lot easier such as plink dashing. If you can’t afford a high end arcade stick, that’s fine. You can start off on a madcatz se or a wwe brawlstick. These sticks can be modded out extremely easily and effortlessly to real arcade quality parts. It will just be a smaller tournament edition fightstick.

Playing on Pad is fine too I that’s your preference but since you come from a pc background, I think sticks will feel right at home for you.


Now everyone has their reasonings behind the systems that they play on. For most people, it’s Xbox. In my experience, it provided a better online service than ps3. You can still find good matches on psn and you won’t have to pay a premium to game. You’d also be preparing yourself for Evo more effectively since ps3 is their system of choice. It’s really up to you and your preferences.


This. Have you checked this forum for your area? This is how you find people to play, and therefore how you get into fighting games.

You won’t be able to get into fighting games without people playing you, preferably offline. They’re multiplayer games.