How Do I Get Into KOF?


So I’ve been wanting to expand to some new fighting games, and I like but I don’t love Tekken, MvC isn’t really my style, but the style of KOFXIII captured my attention, so I was wondering if any KOF fans could tell me what the game is like, the general style of it, etc. I’ve yet to buy it, so I’m asking for more of a preview really. Any and all responses are welcome.


Well where do i begin it plays sort of like Marvel vs capcom with 3vs3 teams but the combat system is actually more similar to your average street fighter there are some differences of course but if you’re a street fighter player it’ll be quite easy to get into this games one thing to note is that in general the timing for combos are tighter than street fighter also the inputs for speciale attacks too are quite more complex than other 2-D fighting games there’s a lot of half circles and shit i remember back in kof 95 the input for eiji kisaragi fireball was like qcf and then hcb but in general the games tend to have more special attacks for each character than street fighter another thing worth noting is that between the different chapters of the series some gameplay elements were added some others were removed or modified if you want some more detailed info check out this overview:

And for a tutorial on how to play the game i suggest you watch this:


Thanks, I’m a big SF fan so I thought I might like KOF, but I haven’t tried an MvC game ever, but KOF seemed appealing because it looked like it was fast, but still slower than MvC. As for special moves, I’m used to half-circles and stuff, so that doesn’t sound like a big problem, however when you say the timing is tighter, do you mean in comparison to USF4, Third Strike, or…? Nonetheless, thanks for the in-depth response.


Well i don’t have usf4 but i do have ssf4:ae so in comparison to that it is tighter i’m not sure regarding 3rd strike oh and btw no problem :slight_smile:


Well I think I get the general idea of the game, and 13 doesn’t look horribly different from 11, so I’m sure I won’t be lost. Thanks for the tutorial too, it was really helpful that they used comparisons, and it didn’t feel like product placement either. Thanks! :slight_smile:


No problem :wink: btw merry christmas


Merry midnight Christmas, lol what are we doing right now? One question: Is there anyone online in 13?


No problem oh btw merry christmas


I don’t know haven’t played it in a while but usually no not many people unfortunately you can check on this forum and see if there’s any topic about matchmaking


Okay, thanks!


Trust me once you get into this series you will probably forget about any other fighting game for at least a couple weeks at least that was the case for me when my friends come over and said yo let’s play some street fighter/tekken/soul calibur/blazeblue ecc i was always like nah fuck that shit let’s play some kof


So for 13, who’s who? I usually play zoners and rushdown, like Sagat or Ken.


Ehmm i really don’t know haven’t played 13 THAT much (but i STILL play a lot of 2002 when i’m not at work) i tend to use kim’s team wich lies somewhere in between but Kim pretty much rushes for the hole time with his hangetsu cartwheel and crouching slide kicks but to tell you the truth all team are pretty balanced some are more rush oriented some others rely alot on command-throws and others are zoners but in every team there’s at least one that plays different from the others


This is late but there are no real zoners in kof because using hops gets arounds fireballs quickly. For rushdown I would go with someone like kyo(Ex if you have him) or iori because you can put on pressure with their rekkas(especially when kofXIV comes out). For the third choose someone like ryo for input leniency until you get acquainted with the mechanics.


I disagree with your zones statement. King is the ultimate zoner and a very good character to learn on. In Kof13, King has only 3 or 4 specials so she is easy to learn and not too complicated. She can also zone the f*ck out of people because she can fireball in the air as well. Try out King, she may not be top tier, but she can effectively dispatch many players that don’t know how to handle zoners.