How do I get my friend to get better at marvel?

I got this guy who likes to play mvc2 and such and thats cool. Problem is he shit talks to me willfully knowing I watch pros play and that I can tear his ass up. So he shit talks as usual and my friend says why not do a bet with $14 bucks on the line, I’m like sure I could use the money, first person to 6 wins will get the money. Sure enough I tear his asshole up 6-0.

So he came over to my house today for a bit and we played marvel on my DC. I mean this guy just straight jumps around pulling off shit with megaman-strider-hayato. I tell him I can teach him and stuff be , he randomly jumps in, I mean it’s nasty. I told him about combovideos and this site and that if he wants to get good he must watche pro players play his characters. I hate it when I whiff a move with jugg and all he does is a 4 or 5 hit combo when could have done a super.

Should I just keep kicking ass at the arcade and such or how do I help him get better, and NO I don’t really want to raise another tier whore to use cable and crap.

Just beat the shit out of him constantly, he’ll get it.

Let him know about the mistakes he makes when YOU make mistakes.

You can’t expect him to get good in a day, or even a week. A game like Marvel takes a whole damn lot of time to get used to, just give him time and keep coaching him. Tell him better combos, SHOW him better combos, then just keep going at it.


Have sex with his mother.

Or… Have him pick team scrub.

Tell him" Yo, if you can beat me atleast one match, i’ll give you 20 bucks" . If i beat you, then you don’t owe me anything.

That will motivate him to get better. :pleased: Np.

Problem is he will jump and pull misc shit on me and of course i punish =D. but then i tell him not to jump in and he turtles in a crouch T_T. I talked to thongboy and another guy and they both say take him to practice and train him with cable to do basic comboes, then on to tactics and tricking people.

My other friend whos a fighting game addict uses a good quote “First you must learn to combo, then once you know that then you learn how to trick them into a combo ^_^”.

But just kicking his ass all day might teach him something, but he needs to what his characters can do and what they cannot do.

watching videos of pro’s is not really gonna get you better (bleh internet age logic heh). its playing, and learning from the mistakes, and taking some advice along the way.

wtf ?? first to 6 for 14 dollars?? Whast with all the weird numbers.

Mirror match him. When you punish a mistake he makes, tell him that’s how you punish in that game with that character. When he randomly jumps in, say “don’t jump” right before you anti-air him. Simple stuff like that, but don’t over do it, just try and be patient.

Truth. You have to get better on your own. Watching vids can show some interesting stuff, but don’t treat them like they’re the only way you can improve your game. Telling your friend that he has to watch videos of other people would probably only sound stupid to him.

plus the way a person plays may ONLY work with that player. its one of those unexplainable things in fighters. like valle for instance. he could just rush down so hard and it works everytime, you see all thhe holes where a dp can stop the rushdown or what have you, yet its still working, consistently, but if anyone else tries the same thing, even if the player trying is skilled, it just wont work. it doesnt work mainly for the fact, that the player trying to xcopy, or anyone OTHER than valle, has no idea what is going on in valle’s head. they way he thinks things out and sees things can be totally different than the way another person sees things.

truth be told, xcopying will only take you so far. individuality is what takes you to greatness.

just play ST style

deep shoryuken those jump ins

if he’s not getting ocv’ed every game, there’s a problem

i think the last pro player stopped playing megaman a few years ago, the last pro player stopped using hayato around the beta test.

then I don’t see how you intend for anyone to get better, top tier characters are often keys to understanding how the game works, and your attitude makes me question whether you are expecting him to do something you aren’t willing to do for yourself.

First get him to actually use players who arent shit tier. There are only about 10 characters you can seriously use in that game at high level, and you should know who they are.

Once he picks some decent players, then teach him about how to block, what moves have lag/no lag and how to punish for mistakes. If he decides to use Cable tell him to pratice AHVB day and night, if he uses Sent tell him to pratice flight cancels/unfly, if he uses storm/mag tell him to pratice the trijump, if he uses capcom teach him how to use his assist properly without getting punished.

Those are the fundamentals, after that its just pratice.

i dunno if he does…

yeah, I didnt know about guardbreaks until I saw top tiers being played.

I started in this scene about a year ago. Because of the lack of arcades, I was only able to see new stuff in videos.

I basically learned all my moves from videos, and than practicing it later. If it wasnt for the videos, I would have never seen a infinite let alone DHC or AHVB.

It sounds like this person doesnt even know how to assist into special. Im pretty sure he wont learn until he witnesses multiple players using the same 4 characters. It sounds like he doesnt have the slightest clue of the combo engine. tell him to stop talking shit, unless he knows a combo bigger than 10 that does not include a special.

I think you should learn the game before you worry about him learning it.

Even consider that he might just play for fun? Who said anyone had to win to enjoy a game? I use fucking shit tiers all the time, and try to win with style. I don’t mind losing. Quit trying to mold someone into being something they may not want to be. Your friend is never gonna learn shit until he wants to. Forcing shit on him probably makes him less keen on learning himself. Shit maybe he lives solely on the shit talking. So he’ll never care if he wins or loses.

I hate to tell you, but either he’s gonna keep playing you and getting beat, learning how to get better,

Or he’s gonna go play something else. People these days don’t want to learn a new game, or get beat in it.

If he doesn’t want to learn, he’s not going to. This 3S Akuma scrub that thinks he’s great wanted to play me, I was playing VF4:EVO, and said “Wanna play a few matches in this?” He said “No, 3S is my drug” then I said “Oh so you suck at this game huh”, and it was the truth. He got owned at his “drug”, and so I told him that since he sucks at 3s he might as well learn other shit.

He broke my sake cup. Asshole.