How do I get my friend to get better at marvel?

I think you should learn the game before you worry about him learning it.

mind expanding on that?

Dude, this guy should definately change teams.

Calm down, no one is being forced, I told him “Hey if you want to get a bit better at marvel come over to my house I’ll show you some stuff” then he says “Oh ok that’s cool”.

I learned everything about marvel from watching Mike Z’s how to play doom, juggernaut and tron. I see shit happen on videos then i go “oh, that connects?!!?”.

Feedback has been good, thanks, true I have heard a lot about people saying first thing to learn is to do AHVB, i’ll try that, thanks.

But your guys opinions seemed to be mixed, some of you say you won’t learn shit from videos, others say you’ll learn a lot from videos.

Beside helping him out with marvel, he sort of needs this what i call “fighting game mentality”. Like whenever I play any fighting game with him he always plays the same way: jumping around, lighting specials praying I won’t block, etc. I think maybe teaching him the old SF turbo 2 might help with that?

Most people here are right, you can’t be a pro at Marvel from vids, but they serve as good inspiration and motivation. If you can’t do LA XX LS XX HSF, and you think it’s awesome, you try your hardest to go out and do it. Watching vids TOO often can be a bad thing, however.

Woah! What arcade are you playing at that serves sake? I really want to go there.

Screw it, im calling it off, got errands to do rather then teach this guy >=(

I say you give him a rape experience!!! Every time he fights you u beat

the shit out of him. Fuck with him snap his characters in and out tri

jump crazy that will teach his ass to block. Also chip his ass allday

that will teach him how to push block and super jump out of things. Put

him on the infinites that will teach him how to plan for better attacks

and up his defense. OTG abuse it untill he learns how to tech roll

untill then psylocke hoe him untill he knows how to roll out of it.

And last but not least tell him u will never ever beat me i own you in

this game. Every thing i said will make a noob or brake a noob

MvC2 is a new game? He’s like 6 years too late to learn it, this isn’t learning a new game, it’s learning an old dead game. In most games you can learn fundamentals with a mid/lower tier character and then after you understand the engine you can win easily with top tiers. I’ve been using Ryu in pretty much every SF game that came out for years, and then switching to a top tier char after a couple of months. Marvel is a little different, since the fundamentals to marvel ARE what the top tier characters do, and pretty much everything else is useless. I guess for fundamentals in Marvel you’d use Sent and Cable, and later on you can move to Storm and Magz.

New to him, yes.

You knew what I ment.

Negative re-enforcement. Rig his controller for electroshocks and then he’ll try harder.

I think the best learning order is cable, mags, storm, sentinel. cable teaches you keep away and punish lag, mags teaches you rushdown, storm teaches you chip and runaway, and sent will incorporate all those, along with the more advance stuff like fast fly, unfly, and unblockables.

i would probably say go with strider cammy and doom bcuz u gotta learn the basic first before going on into advance gotta learn how to fight with ur assist =P thats how i tought my friend to play and he actually did good with that team like later on he pwned mag storm and sent with that team once =P

Whoa whoa.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “You have to learn to walk before you can crawl”? Because it’s that kind of backwards mentality that I see in your post.

Baby steps, man… baby steps.

You’re suggesting he should bypass the training wheels and jump strait to the race car.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
SOlid … absolutly SOLID… i laughed out loud and its 3 in the morning…

btw … i had this same problem with my friend and 3s… i actually started playing worse because i wanted to keep my friend interested
so i let him beat me from time to time…
which did nothing but raised his ego…but eventually he came
around… its was boring waiting for him though