How do I get rid of "New Member" on my name


For some reason it said I joined 2months ago when I made this in january… How do people have custom labels on theres?

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Click Hiyooma in the top right corner

Right under your avatar it should “Custom title”

Delete “New member”, write whatever you want annnnd VOILA!!

Hope i helped.


Still a n00b though.


Can’t believe someone helped this guy in one reply. SRK is so soft.


I see even still in a fighting game community still kids talking smack or trying to get a last word in My my what is this world coming to.


You murder him.

Take his place and such. Never did finish that Matt Damon movie the whole way thru…

Also remember to pass it on and help someone else out even if its something small like this you already know and its now way behind you. Whether they have the same problem or maybe an avatar problem or other profile thing.


Please replace “new member” with “I’m a bitch nigga”.


You made a thread to ask some dumb ass fuckin’ question like that? How long did you mess around with your profile settings or that fuckin’ tab (your name) at the top of the page before you decided that it was a good idea to make this thread? I bet you’re one of them new age fucktards that thinks internet time is a real thing. So, yeah, Im assuming you spent a minute checking it out, but in your mind it was more like 2 hours.


If you delete the directory Windows\System32, you will be entered for your chance to be a mod. And get free exclusive site access.


The person who helped him is a new member also, so its ok


Get the fuck out of here with that dumb ass bullshit you fucking frog. How are you going to come here posting some shit like ‘Well how do I remove new member from my name?’ Is your life that nonexistent that the biggest joy that could come of it is removing ‘new member’ from your user name? Do you even masterbate?

You’re sad son. Go to DeVry or something. Strive to write a McDonald’s jingle because you have nothing else ahead of you.


English isn’t your first language, is it?


“How to get rid of new member status”

  1. Get a revolver

  2. Load it with ammo of your choice.

  3. Put revolver in mouth

  4. Pull trigger.




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JOIN BEFORE 2009 >:(

this is true, we’ve all done it . your turn!


thread would be perfect if it weren’t for the first reply.


Thank God, i’ve been trying to figure out how to change that! :tup:


Oh my god.
The comments.
***MY SIDES. :rofl: ***