How do I get the alternate costumes?

I see all these people online with Cammy, Ryu, and Chun Li’s alternates. How do I get them? As far as I’m aware, they aren’t out yet.

They got them via pre-ordering the game. No other way to get them as of yet.

But I did pre-order the game. Right when the pre order was available.

Your retailer should have provided you with a code.
Ryu - Gamestop/EBGames
Bison - Amazon
Cammy - Best Buy
Chun Li - PSN (No Code Needed)

I think depend on region, here in Italy GS given me Bison one

Indeed. Amazon UK didn’t have the deal. Best Buy isn’t in the UK and wouldn’t ship outside of the USA. I ended up having to settle for Chun-Li from the ps store. Now she’s my sub character!

AH DAMMIT! I wanted the Cammy one. That alt is the shit!

I’m hoping they get released in the season pass (which I have). I have hobo Ryu, but I don’t play as Ryu.

Considering the alt costumes are exclusive by character depending on where you pre-ordered, I’d expect them to pop up in the shop either this month or in the next 1-3 months. Technichally speaking, players were only supposed to be able to obtain one alt depending on which platform they bought the game from, as well as which outlet used to make the purchase. So, by design we weren’t supposed to have them all right away, which is why I expect them all to be added relatively soonish.

Amazon screwed me over on the Bison costume too… no biggy I got it cheap.

The march patch can’t come fast enough ( for several reasons ) . But one of them is Cammy’s alt costume, god dammit it looks nice, the yellow color + her hair looks so damn good.

Capcom pls :frowning:

Infiltration unboxed his Asian edition and it included all of the Battle Costume codes in one neat little package. Thanks a lot North American Capcom…

wonder if we can order that from play asia or something and have it work on US systems…


No, that doesn’t work. I have the japanese HOT edition (Ryu, Chun and Cammy costumes included) but you can only redeem the code on a japanese account. And it doesn’t even download any data, it just locks the information to that account.