How do i get the ls-32 c-ring back on without special tools


somehow, i managed to get the c-ring off of it using a standard flat-head.

But now, i can’t get it back on!

everytime I try to put that sucker back on, it just falls off. and i get really pissed.

someone please assist me.


ask someone for an extra hand…

or replace with E-clip


there’s a replacement sized E-clip you can grab at radioshack/lowes/home depot.

or you can take pliers to it and close the gap a bit.


Blunt nose pliers.


Even with the right tool, the C-clip eventually goes bad.

It’s a very weak metal band that doesn’t remain elastic for very long… It will lose elasticity after a while or eventually break if it gets warped enough times. It’s a really bad piece of hardware.

I really don’t know why Seimitsu chose to go with a C-clip retainer ring on the LS-32… The other Seimitsu joysticks use E-rings. Then again, the LS-32 is Seimitsu’s most popular joystick product line and it’s the only digital stick in their line that doesn’t have a shaft cover, too! Even the Japanese sweat and I would love to see how an LS-32 shaft looks after a year of taking beatings and getting multiple person’s sweat all over it.

Just break down already and get an E-ring. They don’t cost much wherever you buy them. They’re easier to remove, they don’t require a special tool, and in the long run they make it easier to do mods quicker and replace springs. People usually get a 3/8" or 3/16" E-ring… Size varies depending on mileage. I went with 3/8" because I didn’t trust the thinner metal E-rings that I looked at…

Recommendation: Use a towel the first time you put that E-clip on the LS-32… You’ll save the skin on your fingers if you do! I find that the E-clip gets easier to remove and replace after the first or second time.