How Do I Get The Special Edition Gems?

So I’ve been busy these past couple of days and decided to hold off on picking up my pre-order until today. I get to EB and the manager at the store says that they didn’t get enough codes for the Special Edition gems and they are all out. I was about to make a scene, but decided to compromise. He called up another store that had a couple of codes still left and wrote it down on a piece of paper.

Now, all I have is a code and no idea how to download the gems. Do I have to go to a special site, since I have absolutely no instructions.

It’s for the 360 version of the game.

Uhm the special edition gems are on the arcade bank instructions slip, its inside the box. It has instructions on what to do with the code, I suggest you read it.

Press the x box guide button then go to marketplace and redeem code

Thanks, that worked.

Damn, you should have told him to post it on here so we could help him lol

lol sorry

omg the code was on the piggy bank instructions? wtf I trashed it!..:frowning: