How do I get tickets




Wait I found out but when did normal tickets go on sale for just the convention center?

Normal tickets for Fri/Sat EVO events at the Las Vegas Convention Center went on sale at 7pm PST tonight at the above link.


Do EVO tickets sell out quickly because as of right now my status changed from definite to unsure due to personal reasons?


Yes…they do.
Especially Sunday tickets.


Reserved seating (the more expensive, arena floor seats) for Sunday sold out in the first several minutes.
Non-reserved seating ("general admission) for Sunday is still available.
In previous years, registrations for the Fri/Sat pools venue sold out within several weeks to a few months, but usually well in advance of the event itself.
Granted, this year Evo’s Fri/Sat is being held in a portion of the Las Vegas Convention Center (which should mean more space than in previous years) – but balance that against the potential for a larger-than-ever attendance, and we’re likely still looking at registrations selling out quickly.
Even if you’re unsure if you’ll attend, it might be worth taking advantage of the “early bird” discount (available until next Thursday) and plunk down $20 just in case you are able to go, and eliminate the anxiety of a sold-out event.


What I am worried about is what if I can’t make it? I know there is no refunds. Hopefully it won’t be sold out when I get back from MAGFest.


$20 really isn’t that bad. I don’t plan on attending the actual tournament besides Sunday, but I might buy the $20 ticket just in case because why not.


I got mine anyway all I need is to buy my plane ticket and a place to stay.


Regular Friday and Saturday passes at will not sell out this year.


I registered last Friday as a spectator and I was wondering if it’s possible to sign up for one of the tournaments if I decided to enter one of the tournaments.