How do I go about live streaming something?


I ran into this guy on XBL playing MvC2. He is ok at marvel, but he had a link in his bio showing live stream

I thought its fake or pre-recorded so I go on while he is playing and send him a message on XBL and low and behold, on his stream my message popped up instantly. This is one of the coolest things I have seen and I know how much SRK loves live footage.

Just wondering what equipment I need for this. I think this is an awesome concept if I can get this or any big names can get a 24/7 stream of hot matches going for marvel or SF4.


Easiest way I have found is to use some kind of video capture card, hook up your console to it, and then use Livestream procaster:

Such a simple to use program, makes things way easy.


is there capture cards with HDMI? Also, if I hook up my console through component for the TV and HDMI for the PC, would it work?


Blackmagic intensity Pro

Go on, google it.


my 360 doesn’t have hdmi out :sad:


ahh… hmm… you’re on a PC I assume? How about the Hauppauge HD PVR. It has component input and output. I’m a mac guy and don’t know what software you’ll need on the PC to have it livestream, but am sure that someone here maybe knows how?

I coulda swore I read a thread discussing it. Try searching “hauppauge” in tech talk.


i use this to capture video

and something like this for the audio

if you choose to use that same set up then make sure you go in your control panel and lower your “mic recorder” volume or whatever it’s called on your computer.

this is a direct connect and it can get very loud if not lowered.

that dazzle comes packed with pinnacle studio which is not that bad to record and edit videos with. if you use the studio then do not use the audio connector to your mic input and directly connect everything to your dazzle.
***if you chose to stream only and not bother with recording to your computer i suggest getting the “dvd recorder” which is also on that link above

since this connection is kinda tricky i use the xbox 360 component cables
and yeah the red, green, and blue go to my tv for my tv to get video.
the yellow to the dazzle capture card, and the audios to the audio cable to my mic computer.
the way i get sound is i use a pair of turtle beach x1 headsets.

*these if you don’t know what those are

that’s pretty much it
when i clean up my wires and desk ill post a pic of how it looks (the way i use it)
just to give you a basic idea.

sorry if my post was hard to understand, not helpful, or didn’t fully answer your questions.
ill keep checking this out and try to answer whatever i can


if your looking to stream in a really, really good quality i suggest this.


While on this topic, does anyone know of a recording/ playback program that isn’t card specific that also happens o not be virtualdub? I’m looking to do something along the lines of this but my card is old and the program I use to record went shits up last night :frowning:


thanks. That yellow cable dangling off the back of my TV will no way reach my PC, is your PC right by your TV? Mine is like 6 feet away.


i have my set up on the same desk.
there are adapters/extenders or whatever you want to cal them that you can get to lengthen your cables to reach your computer.
just go down to radio shack and get one that is female on one side and male on the other. it should be fine then. the capture card itself is about 3 or 4 feet.