How do I handle Dhalsim's pokes?

With fireball characters, that’s what I mainly do. But Dhalsim’s low stretchy limbs (eg. cr. :HP: and Cr :Mp: I think) seems to out prioritize almost all normals (if not all)

My only option seems to be a SA or CS but these have long recovery and I think it’s way too risky to use in response.

What do you do against Sim’s normals? or Is there a way to get more consistency with my results with SA or CS?

I have trouble against sim’s pokes with both Cammy and Guile… I play guile more but I really want to learn to main cammy. So I’ll post here. I’m not sure if I should post this on the guile section as well…

edit: I’d just like to add that I usually try to punish on reaction When they whiff but I end up getting hit

CS on anticipation and alot of time they can’t do anything to punish you. when he reward out weight the risk, that’s you want to do CS.

Her CS can hit his limbs?! wow. I’ll test that out in training mode.