How do I handle Zangief/Bison/Guile/Vega/Adon as makoto/dudley/elena/eryu/hakan?


I’m a novice player but I notice these characters seem to get me a LOT faster than the others do.People online who end up picking those characters usually either perfect me or just dominate the match indefinitely.What would work to get at least some more hits on em?


That’s like 25 potential matchup combinations lol.

You’ll have to be considerably more specific if you want advice beyond “check the matchup threads in the character forums”


Makoto’s cr. mp and st. HK are really good against grapplers and Bison, also vega at the right range. After Bison does scissor kick pressure in the corner, st. HK beats most of his options. cr. mp beats a lot of Vega’s pokes. If vega does wall dive you can jump HP, either forward or back. Against Zangief cr. HK works wonders at max range, because it hits him if he jumps. Instant air Axe kicks beat his throw game, mixing those in with pressure beats people that mash 360. With guile you have to cross him up a lot, at least at my low-mid level.

For more, check out character match-ups, like bypostman said.


I thought I could get farther in the game without reading all that :confused:
Alright I’ll check that out


Another bit of advice, it’s going to be really hard to advance much if you’re splitting your time between so many characters. Try to pick one.


I’m not gonna be doing any pro stuff I just want to be decent with those choices (and possibly add Hugo/poison/guy as well when im used to it more)


My point is, if you want to get decent, you’re making it a lot harder on yourself by taking on so many characters in the beginning. Street Fighter isn’t like LoL where you can just pick up a ton of characters quickly.


Splitting your attention between eight characters means it’ll be damn hard to build up any muscle memory and timing for anti-airs, combos, and footsies. And obviously learning matchups is going to take a lot longer.

You can do what you want, but that’s a helluva task. Props to you if you can make it work though.


What TroubleBrewing is saying is right. Believe it or not if you’re working on that many characters at once you’ll end up making less progress with any of them than if you just stick to 1 or 2 character. To really be able to play multiple characters you need to have a nuanced understanding of how the games engine works and when to do what. If you learn to do basic links and cancels with one character with enough practice you’ll eventually be able to do basic links and cancels with the whole cast. Same goes for other fundamental principles, such as anti-airing, blocking crossups, and timing normals.

Only once you get to this stage where you have a decent level of execution can you hope to be able to pick up other characters without being hopelessly crushed. Not saying you cant pick up multiple characters at once, but in the beginning things don’t translate between characters as well as when you have a more fundamental understanding of the game’s engine.

Good Luck!


The inputs aren’t hard, they’re pretty similar.I’ve played the older versions of this game but as a casual.sf2 as well so the basics, special moves like sonic boom etc those are done with, consistently able in that department.

I’ll just have to use the newer characters a lot So I don’t have to rely on dudley and makoto 24/7.


With Makoto you’ll want to use far reaching normals like stMK, crMP, and especially crHK to keep Gief out and make him do mistakes.
Against Adon stMK is very good at tstoping jaguarkick before they happen. Against Vega and Guile you want to be patient and score a KD and use good setups so they can’t escape.
Against Bison you’ll want to counterpoke him with stMP or crMP and bait reversals. stHK is very good to throw out after a blocked scissor kick to make them stop pressing buttons.

Hope it helps.


Inputs are really only one small part of it. Learning matchups is by far the most time consuming thing about learning SF games. By spreading your time over so many characters, you’re just making things harder for yourself. Hell, top players don’t usually try to be “decent” with so many.

But you seem to be hesitant to accept advice, so do whatever.


What’s your definition of “decent” anyway… online warrior decent?.. lol


My definition of decent is to not lose every match.
I can win sometimes, but just with makoto/dudley/hugo.


The fastest way to get good with a bunch of characters is to get good at one character first. If you spend an entire month playing only Makoto, and use her to understand the game, you’ll be better at Dudley/Hugo/whoever as well.

But if you spend the month playing all 3 equally, you’ll just be bad with all of them.