How do I have a charge when I wake up?

When do I push back? when Im on the ground injured or from before I go down?

When I get up do i simply click the move I want? EX psycho crusher to get away or will a medium suffice?

You hold back as you normally do, in fact, you should pretty much always be holding back when playing a charge character when you’re not doing anything. Are people crossing you up? That can cause you to lose your charge. You mentioned clicking… are you on 3DS version?

I meant should I push forward I think I get it now, even if I get knocked down I can charge, but if I am crossed up it’s probably best to teleport.
I’d pressed back when I am down sometimes and because I regulary think I have a charge when I dont I was always unsure if I actually charging on the ground or not.

You can use a button to quick stand instead of a direction.

Yes, you can teleport if you get crossed up or just block. Some characters can option select your warps if you get too predictable. If you warp out every single time when you are caught without meter a smart player will catch on and possibly punish you for it.

thanks get it now, just got to remember to hold back when I am down. I still forget to hold back when I’m mid air!

If anyone is still here, asked this in the Q&A thread but does jump back medium kick beat Vega’s iguga drop or whatever it is? Ive just been teleporting but hard to punish

Usually that doesn’t. Jump back hk or sometimes mp my experience is that mp is iffy, sometimes it works sometimes I just eat izuna drop.

and even smarter player drop bait on everything. make their os cry with ur nightmare kara boostah.

the problem now lies on those command grab and mobile character. fei makoto twin seth. u cant reall n.jump them or dash out. their os i better than u…and guile is still tough but morr 6/4