How do I improve on my reactions?


Topic or are reads usually what you guys do during a match?


Most “reactions” you see players do aren’t entirely reactions. Players will be looking for opponents to do things, thus mentally preparing themselves to have the proper reaction. Street Fighter gives the easiest example of this: Your opponent throws a fireball. You jump forward over it. Your opponent sees you jump and punishes with a DP.

Sure, that could have been a straight reaction, but it was much more likely that your opponent was looking for you jumping and was prepared to react. The same can be said for counter-calling assists. If I want to snuff my opponent’s Hidden Missile call with Hawkeye, I will be actively looking for my opponent to be calling out Doom. That way I am mentally prepared to react appropriately when the situation presents itself.

Do you have anything specific in mind that you are trying to react to?


^ He’s right. I don’t think that reactions are ever really 100% pure reaction. They’re really the sum of spacing, your and your opponent’s options, your respective game plans, and your overall read on the match.

That being said you can train specifically for certain 50/50s by using training mode and putting yourself in the exact situation you are expecting to encounter.

But in general the way I like to think about it, is improve your spacing etc and the combos you do etc fundamentals in order to limit the number of situations you need to instantly react to, or at least set yourself up by only leaving the opponent options where you can easily react to dangerous situations.


Thanks guys
Nothing in mind really, maybe ambiguous crossups but i’ll take both advice. I definitely need to improve spacing.


Reacting to grabs is the hardest and most necessary reaction-related thing in Marvel. I dunno how to practice it in training mode really… but you get better at teching on reaction over time.


what’s the window to break throws? isn’t it insanely fast?


1 frame I think.


One all-important word, in this regard.
Being fast won’t matter if you can’t pull it off when it counts.


realize that in-game reactions are heavily grounded in game knowledge

for instance, with the Marvel throw example, you will never in your life be able to react to a throw that starts up that fast. when you tech a throw, you are reacting to the spacing where throw is a possibility as well as keeping in mind what all possible options are and what your opponent is likely to do as well.

so when throws become easier to tech in whatever game you play, it’s not usually because you got better at reacting to a throw tech animation, it’s because you understand the game better and know when throws are likely to show up.


so gow do practice spacing?