How do I Inbox someone? DAIGO HAS SUPER POWERS


I Can’t seem to find how.
I asked my Imaginary friend Gouki Jr.
but he just looks at me with clenched teeth & fists saying MESH…
Please help me this a serious Issue Iv never been so serious This guy messages me saying hes gonna rape my cat & I love my cat you see… It all started in new mexico I was buying a Arcade cabnit from this guy name Wuan who was half asain & New Mexican I knew …I was in the right place… there I saw him so fat n fluffy… It was like love at first sight… I told him how much for his cat & he said… Thats not my cat… So after awhile when he stop biting me and clawing me I turned up guiles theme to see if this cat has the Shoryuspirit, as I was driving I saw his eyes start to buldge & there it was! Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow He was meowing to the guiles theme! So you see Mr whiskie Is my best friend we play casuals all day he wins most of the time… but its because he has paws okay? Everyone knows paws are perfect to grip objects and hit buttons accuratley gosh. He beat daigo in evo 2006 in third strike… & John choi We partied for a few hours until Daigo came on to me Hes a good looking asian man but I had my eye someone so I had to tell him I wasnt interested then he tied me to the bed was going to have his way with me so I asked him please stop Il play you casuals for my virginity!! He agreed so I used Oro knowing I had no chance after he beat me 47-0 I asked him to pass the chips then told him theres a bug on your stick & he jumped out the window. I thought It was over… Then he super jumped into my window and with little expression he said HAAAADOUUUKEEENNN! I was flying through time I had to grab Mr whiskie After being sucked into the fireball of time I saw my self into a 2d world where i was a chronic masterbaiter & chun li was always naked & Posion didn’t have a dick!Even mr whiskie was tappin Ibuki’s raccoon fookie everything was great when I woke up and then posted this thread…


I know you think you’re being creative and funny, but you’re not. You’re not the first noobtard to come here, make a stupid thread and get flamed for it. Then start another, very similar thread just to “get back” at the people that flamed you. It doesn’t work. You’re just gonna make your visit here even worse and probably get yourself into some trouble.

I would just kick rocks now if I were you.


I reported…simply because the OP is a moron.


ok my turn!



You need to go somewhere else.


Damn son, you are trying too hard


shut the fuck up


I remember when I first started using the internet.

Simpson’s did it too


I want my two minutes back. 1 for having to close this thread and another for having to close the reports you submitted because you’re a pussy and you got called out on it.