How do I juggle Balrog's Ultra while in the corner?


When I try to juggle his ultra while in the corner, and hold K all the way through I hit the first 2 times, then whiff the rest. How do I juggle it for the most damage possible?


somebody correct me if im wrong…

you have to hold K the first hit, release for the second, and hold again for the rest. It is a brief hold-release-hold movement… you will need a bit of timing.


One of the sticky threads in the Balrog section explains how to hit it at different places on the screen:


Yeah, first hit is held K, release K for the second hit, and then push K again and hold it for the rest of the ultra. That’s the basic way at least.


It should be KPKKK for most characters but against hond and balrog it should be PPKKK also use that if the oppent are to high in the air


I just stick to KPKKK does the job


I use PPKKK for everybody now.


These descriptions might actually be leaving one crucial piece of information out – what you’re trying to do by starting with the uppercut, switching briefly to straight and back to uppercut is to make ONE of the Ultra punches (usually the second one, in the corner) whiff. This will allow the opponent to drop to just the right height that the last three punches will cleanly hit.

The most important thing when juggling with Balrog Ultra is to make sure the last punch (the multi-hit uppercut) connects cleanly, because it’s unsafe if whiffed and teched, and it does the most damage out of all the punches in the Ultra. Follow up by whiffing a Turn Punch and an LP/LK Dash Straight or Dash Upper while the opponent is still flying, and you get a little bit of free meter and you’re right there in their grill to make them miserable on wakeup.