How do I kill with War Machine



I want to kick some ass with War Machine. What can I do to beat the hell out of people. I can only do 4 hit combos with him. I jump in the air then hit lp twice while in the air, then I duck and press lp twice again. It does 4 hits.


well combo wise, you can launch, sj.lp,, sj.u/f+fp, ad u/f,, sj.u/f+fp, fly,, u/f+fp, lp rockets…

Its a pretty good combo, but it looks like were the only ones posting in this forum, I would like to know more about war machine myself, cause I believe he has potential.

Where’s julius when you need him :frowning:

Oh well maybe someone who knows a lot about WM will post some strats soon especially against sentinal, cause I hate him with a passion.

Anyway im rambling, I hope the combo helps, as a side note
he can do both the jumping infinite, and the unfly infinite…



here’s a good combo
lp c.lp capcom assist war destroyer. this works in the corner. :slight_smile: