How do I know if I can FADC a move?

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere (there is a LOT of content to sift through here), but I was watching that TEAM SPOOKY stream a while back (which was awesome) and I noticed that Bison could FADC the fierce ground slide dash thing…

This surprised me because I had absolutely no idea that you could do that.

ANYWAY, I was just wondering if there was actually a way to know if it was possible to FADC a [normal] move…

ALSO, would there be a way in which you could find out (aside from practice) where exactly in the move to cancel?

(like, by looking at frame data… though, I don’t know whether or not FADC is done during recovery or whatever)

Or is everything surrounding this topic reliant on people in the community finding out?

(all things considering, I may not be looking at the frame data well enough and the answer might be sitting in front of my face; I apologize if that’s the case… that said, I really only see the section where it says whether I can cancel into a chain or not, but I don’t see anything about FADC)

It’s generally within the first few frames of a move you cancel.

Also…who do you play? Certain characters like Vega can only cancel like…3 of their normals whereas others around the roster like Cody can do it to near enough everything.

Since I don’t want to play like a “scrub”, I’m actually starting my game over from the very beginning; I’m likely going to try to at least be familiar with all the characters (so that I can learn the range of all their moves and the basic combos and whatever)…

I guess going by the order of the strategy guide, I’m probably going to start off with ABEL.

But, yes, looking at the frame data, I see all of Ryu’s normals that can be chain canceled…

Am I to assume that these are the moves that can be FADC-ed?


No, wait, then that doesn’t make sense: going by that logic means that I shouldn’t be able to FADC a hadouken or whatever…


You can FADC a hadoken. The fireball still comes out but you recover much faster.

Yeah, that’s why my initial line of logic didn’t make sense.

Anyway, I’m still going through that Ryu frame data and I can’t really find anything that will tell me whether a move can be FADC-ed or not…

(on the other hand, even if I’m not finding the answer to my question, it still is pretty useful to look through the thing; learning stuff)

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe anything that can be cancelled in any way (super, chain, etc.) can be FADC’d. Bison’s slide is one such thing. Since it can’t be super cancelled in Vanilla, you can’t FADC it. However, this has changed in Super and can now be cancelled into super.

You don’t want to FADC anything of Abel’s except his CoD (qcf+punch). In rare situations you’ll also want to FADC his c.hp on the second hit if it’s blocked.

You’ll find yourself FADC’ing S.HP a lot by accident if you’re doing f+mk, s.hp, rekka, so learn what to do in the situations that you do accidentally FADC it.

I don’t think frame data will cover what you’re looking for. Unless somebody has compiled a list elsewhere you’re most likely going to have to find out for yourself one way or another. There are a lot of things frame data just doesn’t explain so don’t get disheartened :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t think there’s any one thing that tells you what you can FADC or not. You kind of just have to experiment and find out from the community. SmokeMaxX may be right about the cancelable moves, but there might be some exceptions…

Wait, you can FADC bisons slide?

They added that in Super, I believe.


Sweet though.

Yeah, I was like: WOW… that’s really useful.

Also, yeah, SmokeMaxX’s answer seemed to make the most sense…

That said, overall, it is kinda surprising that there isn’t actually a resource that summarizes all this (what moves can be FADC-d… around when they are FADC-d); it’d be pretty useful to have on hand.

Actually, going into this thread, I thought that there was some popular resource, but I was just too noob-ish to find it.

FADC window comes right after the start up (where you can get counter hit) frames, i’m pretty sure.

just do the move on a blocking opponent then hit focus attack immediately after, the game will auto cancel if it works. for moves like a slide that can hit really late into the active frames, just try and time the FA for right after it hits, you get like a quarter second to do it or something.

Any move that is super-cancelable can be FADC’ed.

The frame data table from each character’s page on the SRK wiki has a column that will tell you which moves are super-cancelable. (We only have vanilla SF4 information on there right now.)

Random pieces of knowledge:
Blanka balls can only be FADCd when done closely ie a combo.
Sagat can FADC his on whiff (I think that’s the only normal that can do that) so I guess it can be used as a 2 meter extended dash, if you try to hit anyone with this focus attack it will be counter hit by any one hit while charging.

If you can super cancel bisons slide in super… does this mean bisons slide juggles in super?

That shit would be epic… even if the slide doesn’t connect it would be like extended range super.